Thursday, April 9, 2009

So Not a Badass

More often than not, I am chasing someone...through the woods, up a climb, down a hill... whatever. The exception to that rule is when I am riding alone or if I am out front, which is rare (I like to be out front sometimes as it builds confidence, makes me ride a little faster...blah blah blah)...but, most times I am relegated to the back (or back-ish). Yesterday, my dad and I convened at Marsh Creek...I led us around most of the old race course until BP got feisty on the first long, smooth descent and passed me in a blur. To the back...okay, okay. Knowing it was going to be a fairly short ride, I wasn't afraid to use up all my guts and gusto to keep up with him...pacing was hardly an issue (though I do love how I have to turn myself inside out to barely stick with my dad's recovery/casual pace). Anyway. Approaching a new-ish little bog lined with totally ridable sticks/limbs (in that lovely corduroy bridge fashion), I stuffed my front wheel and clumsily took the brunt of my mistake to my nether regions. I like to call this particular bungle Double Jeopardy, as the saddle thwarted me, followed by the top tube. How in the??? Doesn't matter...all I have to say, nearly twenty-four hours later, is effing ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Anyway. Clearly I have some work to do with my technique for approaching logs and such with the rigid set-up. Duh. The remainder of our ride found my head whirling & swirling with all my silly gaffes and bungles on the signature moves, if you will. I've (mostly) conquered the clipping in thing...I used to be so bent on staying out of my pedals for anything other than the smoothest, flattest trail imaginable...I still catch myself going clah-click and releasing my feet before encountering a large obstacle (or occasional tiny twig, if it's God forbid diagonal), but truly stay clipped in most of the time. That only took about 3 years. Yesterday's ride taught me two things: 1) Always have your machines ready (my Salsa sits in my garage, still covered in dry mud from Marysville, 4 days later)...I am not blaming the other bike for my silly goof yesterday, but once again...ow. 2) There is work to be done. Always. (this spring/summer I look forward to working on skills and maybe even is not a priority...I want to be smooth before I try to be fast again) This bruise looks like a jellyfish!!

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