Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still...Consider Any/Everything

For the first time in a while, the house is coughing 4 year-old, no Wonder Pets or Clone Wars (we cover the full spectrum here), no dumping Legos... All I can hear is the humming washing machine and the rain. It's been an odd week...following an odd week before that. I turned 34 and considered some possibilities (like changing jobs, mending a relationship, and registering for a road race to name a few). Again, possibilities. I felt huge defeat following a truly crappy situation at my son's preschool, which forced me to pull him out immediately and scramble for childcare. Negligence (or ambivalence) coupled with a life-threatening allergy is never good for anyone involved. I felt a smaller defeat at work upon realizing I was the target for more than a few days in a row (we all have those days, right?)...You feel like you are doing more harm than good and your superior is no stranger to delivering that message loud & clear...and everyone can hear. Sigh. But, that week is behind me. It is Saturday. I'm going to sort and fold an enormous pile of clean laundry. I'm going to take a hot bath and a long nap.


phatboy said...

Thanks be to Sir Maximus Faticus of the DelMarVa Provence. Your new look hawt. (I am a little biased towards bike-r chicks but hey...)
Anywho... Hope you pulled down that hot bath and sweet nap, you deserve it.

Suki said...

ambivalence towards a peanut allergy???


tell me who hurt Max and I'll be right over to whoop a few asses.