Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bike Notes

I love my "backyard" trails (a 20+ minute ride to those trails, but they feel like backyard trails nonetheless)...they just keep getting better. There were two races on my pipe dream calendar this summer: French Creek & Dark Horse 40. Both happen to fall on the same day my very good friend Sara is getting married. And I am not even bummed about missing the race(s)...maybe a little bummed about experiencing the NY trip for the Dark Horse with my dad, but I am actually excited about this particular wedding. Tomorrow, I am opting out of Iron Hill in favor of the Chester County Challenge (an organized charity ride that benefits the cancer center; the same center my mom has received treatment for her Hepatitis). During my playtime on the aforementioned trails this afternoon, I whacked my ankle pretty harshly on my pedal (time for new cleats...been saying it for about a month now)...hoping IB relief cream & lots of ice take the sting away before I embark on my first metric in the AM. (jeez...63 miles seems so paltry compared to what my friends and peers typically tear off on their road miles these days...not me, uh-uh...) Spring time is treating me well.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fireworks, anyone?

My phone is missing and the house is quiet. I'm surrounded by Transformers, Superhero "Chunkies", and Legos... Tonight is the Strawberry Festival party at my Aunt Linda's house, where fireworks are launched from her neighborhood and there is a gathering of friends and family. This year, I didn't bother to open my invitation until about an hour ago (I had already seen the invite at my mom's) and at the bottom, she added, "Kim, feel free to bring a friend..." Thoughtful. I was just lamenting the fact that I am sick of being the sulky loner at various events...several weeks earlier, I found myself sitting pitifully in a darkened corner at Andy & Celeste's wedding. What the??? I'm not pitiful. I'm not a wallflower. It's weird how some friends and family members have barely acknowledged the fact that Jeff & I have broken's weird, though not exactly surprising, how I've been practically exiled from some of our mutual circles of friends... So...for what it's worth, the acknowledgement was appreciated.

Friday, May 22, 2009


fascinated by elephant teeth (heavy suckers)
still in awe of this shit...
so is he, apparently...
I hope the elephants like this.
Sometimes, I enter contests or sweepstakes & sometimes I am the grand-prize winner...
When I entered the Channel 6 Zing, Zang, Zoom! sweepstakes online, I knew I knew I knew I'd win...circus tickets are not something in my budget and I soooo wanted to take my son.
I can't say I was surprised upon learning I was indeed the lucky winner of 4 VIP tickets (and the chance to be a clown in the pre-show...but, the kid was too small and the mom was suffering from a cold...not to mention a lingering childhood disdain for all things clown).
The circus was cool...I've only been twice before (6th Grade field trip when I was more interested in a boy named Brook than anything else that day...and with my cousins years ago).
Although I still get a kick out of all the high-wire antics, the acrobats, the human cannon...nothing beat the look on my four year-old's face, seeing all that revelry and ridiculousness for the first time.

Behold! My cute mom on a bike...

Monday, May 18, 2009


Ignoring a pile of bills (all mail, actually) led to no television all weekend long...I hadn't realized how little TV I watch anyway. I open the mail about as often as I answer the phone. Maybe I need a better system. Maybe I am doing just fine. My calendar has no races on it. There is a McDermott family reunion this mom's side of the family. She is one of nine children. There are many cousins I have yet to meet (and don't even get me started on my only living grandparent...we're not exactly close). Curiosity replied to the invite with a resounding, "Sure! What can I bring?" (dessert, I was instructed...hmmmm...Key Lime Pie? Pudding Pie? both...and then some) What else? My son gave me a fantastic assortment of sketch books and colored pencils and markers for Mother's Day...I've taken to drawing and writing again. Ahhh. thus, the blog has been neglected. Somewhere in my house, a sketchbook is filling up with colorful doodles and anecdotes...gloating.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Johnny Too Bad

UB40 Live (Keswick Theater)... great show, love the tight, even after all these years. UB40 was one of the first bands I really got into as a kid...they were one of a small handful of groups that my entire family enjoyed...our parents took us to see them live more times than I can even remember. They were:
vinyl records sought out at Plastic Fantastic (especially imports and b-sides) the butt of a silly sideways joke about my mom. the soundtrack to many trips to the Gunks. the tee shirt I silk screened for a completely callous and jerky 6th grade boyfriend. the songs that got stuck in my head goofing around the neighborhood, walking to the pool, lurking in the shadows playing flashlight tag... the lyrics my brother and I would scribble and try to figure out nefarious words about weed or what the hell Astro was saying... They are still sooooo good live. (for all you haters, "Red, Red Wine" doesn't even scratch the fact, that is a song I am less than fond of...UB40 UB44, 1983, and the mysterious yellow album are still among some of my favorites)

Friday, May 8, 2009


Colorado fell through.
DC didn't pan out.
The rain kept falling. And falling. And...
Looks like I picked an awesome week to take some time off.
We found tons of indoor fun anyway!

Monday, May 4, 2009

"Ride the logs! Watch the bridge...let it roll..."

How does one even begin to describe the conditions at Granogue yesterday? Let's just say beyond muddy and leave it at that... and I wasn't even racing. For four solid hours, I stood in the belly of Deputy's Woods under a constant dose of pouring a course marshal, I tried my best to offer words of genuine encouragement and motivation. (tried.) What does one say as people are stopping to scoop handfuls of mud from their fork crowns and derailleurs? Surprisingly, most of the drenched & muddy souls out there maintained a sense of humor about the "shit show" (as more than a few lovingly referred to the day). Honestly, I was happy to be a part of the experience, in whatever is Granogue, after all. Until I was relieved at my post, I was fine. Upon reaching my car & blasting on the heat, I sort of crumbled a little bit. Something about the weather and the gray skies and the week I left behind...I don't know what it was, but I had a hard time warming up. I had a hard time looking anyone in the eye or smiling, so I just left... lame. Really, I'd just like to see some sunshine.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

racer remorse

The sun shone on Granogue (eventually)... and for a few moments, I thought, "damn...I wish I was racing tomorrow." The course, my friends, is awesome as always... Wait til you drop in to the sweet, new little piece of singletrack...what a treat. As co-leaders of "No Peckers, Just Pecs" group at this morning's pre-ride, Amy & I wrangled a spirited group of 14 riders (including two boys) around the nearly 7-mile race loop. Joining us was Sam, the driving force behind the HERA Big Bike Gear Raffle (buy your tickets! Buy Many! The prizes are great! The cause is important! Help raise money/spread the word about ovarian cancer...)...though we have cheered each other on through the vast & bizarre blogosphere, it was cool to ride together...Seems our entire group had a great time enjoying the outstanding trails. By the time we reached the last road climb, I was no longer fired up about racing. Just happy to ride. Here I am...relaxing on a muggy Saturday afternoon, trying to figure out what to wear to Andy & Celeste's wedding reception (the ceremony was held in Malta two weeks ago). I miss my son when he is not here on the weekends and I am still not used to having my own empty spaces of time, just for me. Weird. All I know is, I am not waking up early to race...looking forward to spending a (wet) day as a volunteer!