Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bike Notes

I love my "backyard" trails (a 20+ minute ride to those trails, but they feel like backyard trails nonetheless)...they just keep getting better. There were two races on my pipe dream calendar this summer: French Creek & Dark Horse 40. Both happen to fall on the same day my very good friend Sara is getting married. And I am not even bummed about missing the race(s)...maybe a little bummed about experiencing the NY trip for the Dark Horse with my dad, but I am actually excited about this particular wedding. Tomorrow, I am opting out of Iron Hill in favor of the Chester County Challenge (an organized charity ride that benefits the cancer center; the same center my mom has received treatment for her Hepatitis). During my playtime on the aforementioned trails this afternoon, I whacked my ankle pretty harshly on my pedal (time for new cleats...been saying it for about a month now)...hoping IB relief cream & lots of ice take the sting away before I embark on my first metric in the AM. (jeez...63 miles seems so paltry compared to what my friends and peers typically tear off on their road miles these days...not me, uh-uh...) Spring time is treating me well.

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