Friday, May 22, 2009


fascinated by elephant teeth (heavy suckers)
still in awe of this shit...
so is he, apparently...
I hope the elephants like this.
Sometimes, I enter contests or sweepstakes & sometimes I am the grand-prize winner...
When I entered the Channel 6 Zing, Zang, Zoom! sweepstakes online, I knew I knew I knew I'd win...circus tickets are not something in my budget and I soooo wanted to take my son.
I can't say I was surprised upon learning I was indeed the lucky winner of 4 VIP tickets (and the chance to be a clown in the pre-show...but, the kid was too small and the mom was suffering from a cold...not to mention a lingering childhood disdain for all things clown).
The circus was cool...I've only been twice before (6th Grade field trip when I was more interested in a boy named Brook than anything else that day...and with my cousins years ago).
Although I still get a kick out of all the high-wire antics, the acrobats, the human cannon...nothing beat the look on my four year-old's face, seeing all that revelry and ridiculousness for the first time.


megA said...


That photo of you and your boy is beautiful and priceless. Wow!

I'm happy to read of your happiness--you deserve more of it.


tgiven said...

So cool that you won those tickets- lucky you! We went last Sunday & Chelsea was just reminiscing about the time you guys came with us to the circus. You guys look like you are having quite the adventures lately- enjoy!!