Friday, May 29, 2009

Fireworks, anyone?

My phone is missing and the house is quiet. I'm surrounded by Transformers, Superhero "Chunkies", and Legos... Tonight is the Strawberry Festival party at my Aunt Linda's house, where fireworks are launched from her neighborhood and there is a gathering of friends and family. This year, I didn't bother to open my invitation until about an hour ago (I had already seen the invite at my mom's) and at the bottom, she added, "Kim, feel free to bring a friend..." Thoughtful. I was just lamenting the fact that I am sick of being the sulky loner at various events...several weeks earlier, I found myself sitting pitifully in a darkened corner at Andy & Celeste's wedding. What the??? I'm not pitiful. I'm not a wallflower. It's weird how some friends and family members have barely acknowledged the fact that Jeff & I have broken's weird, though not exactly surprising, how I've been practically exiled from some of our mutual circles of friends... So...for what it's worth, the acknowledgement was appreciated.

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K-Force said...

I saw your picture with your son and I'd say if you're a wallflower, that's the hottest wallflower I ever wanted to pick! Hawt. I've been there too, so just a little humor to make ya' smile. Divorce can suck sometimes. Who knew?! ; )