Saturday, May 2, 2009

racer remorse

The sun shone on Granogue (eventually)... and for a few moments, I thought, "damn...I wish I was racing tomorrow." The course, my friends, is awesome as always... Wait til you drop in to the sweet, new little piece of singletrack...what a treat. As co-leaders of "No Peckers, Just Pecs" group at this morning's pre-ride, Amy & I wrangled a spirited group of 14 riders (including two boys) around the nearly 7-mile race loop. Joining us was Sam, the driving force behind the HERA Big Bike Gear Raffle (buy your tickets! Buy Many! The prizes are great! The cause is important! Help raise money/spread the word about ovarian cancer...)...though we have cheered each other on through the vast & bizarre blogosphere, it was cool to ride together...Seems our entire group had a great time enjoying the outstanding trails. By the time we reached the last road climb, I was no longer fired up about racing. Just happy to ride. Here I am...relaxing on a muggy Saturday afternoon, trying to figure out what to wear to Andy & Celeste's wedding reception (the ceremony was held in Malta two weeks ago). I miss my son when he is not here on the weekends and I am still not used to having my own empty spaces of time, just for me. Weird. All I know is, I am not waking up early to race...looking forward to spending a (wet) day as a volunteer!

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airing out said...

Thanks so much for showing me around and your words of encouragement! I had a great time. See you tomorrow!