Saturday, May 9, 2009

Johnny Too Bad

UB40 Live (Keswick Theater)... great show, love the tight, even after all these years. UB40 was one of the first bands I really got into as a kid...they were one of a small handful of groups that my entire family enjoyed...our parents took us to see them live more times than I can even remember. They were:
vinyl records sought out at Plastic Fantastic (especially imports and b-sides) the butt of a silly sideways joke about my mom. the soundtrack to many trips to the Gunks. the tee shirt I silk screened for a completely callous and jerky 6th grade boyfriend. the songs that got stuck in my head goofing around the neighborhood, walking to the pool, lurking in the shadows playing flashlight tag... the lyrics my brother and I would scribble and try to figure out nefarious words about weed or what the hell Astro was saying... They are still sooooo good live. (for all you haters, "Red, Red Wine" doesn't even scratch the fact, that is a song I am less than fond of...UB40 UB44, 1983, and the mysterious yellow album are still among some of my favorites)

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