Monday, May 18, 2009


Ignoring a pile of bills (all mail, actually) led to no television all weekend long...I hadn't realized how little TV I watch anyway. I open the mail about as often as I answer the phone. Maybe I need a better system. Maybe I am doing just fine. My calendar has no races on it. There is a McDermott family reunion this mom's side of the family. She is one of nine children. There are many cousins I have yet to meet (and don't even get me started on my only living grandparent...we're not exactly close). Curiosity replied to the invite with a resounding, "Sure! What can I bring?" (dessert, I was instructed...hmmmm...Key Lime Pie? Pudding Pie? both...and then some) What else? My son gave me a fantastic assortment of sketch books and colored pencils and markers for Mother's Day...I've taken to drawing and writing again. Ahhh. thus, the blog has been neglected. Somewhere in my house, a sketchbook is filling up with colorful doodles and anecdotes...gloating.

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airing out said...

I don't answer the phone or open mail either. Ever.