Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I found the cure to my insomnia!

...it's mono. positively, absolutely. put me to bed...don't let my kid eat too much candy. Wake me up for cross. kthanxbye.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

hiking the falls

My dad & I had a nice hike in Jim Thorpe this morning...started out at the bottom of Glen Onoko falls & headed to the scenic outlook.
Kinda scary to see the falls (and feel the spray) in their unfrozen, madly flowing state...I mean, I've seen it before, but this was the first time since my little ice climbing foray this past winter.
I never, ever tire of that awesome view of the Lehigh...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

the trails are perfect...

...for walking. I had every opportunity to ride today, on my own time, wherever... sigh. Instead, I walked for an hour up in the woods...that was enough. Maybe this week I will find out what's making me feel so drained. Still, what a perfect day & what a relaxing little jaunt...it's dinner time, but I would rather sleep.

Sara's Getting Married!

Friday, June 26, 2009

this Friday (so far) in pictures...

flowers from my dad chewing gum after breakfast (Hubba Bubba)...it is Friday, after all...
nap time

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

slow down, please...

My son "read" a book to me tonight...(All By Myself...a "Little Critter" book by Mercer Mayer)... I'm sure I've asked before, but what happened between two and now? He follows directions, he uses his manners, he makes smart choices and considers other people's feelings...what the hell?? Slow down, kid...you're freaking me out. This week has left me so very tired... it actually hurt to walk up the two short flights of stairs to work this afternoon (usually, I bound up them, two steps at a time, because I am always cutting it that close to clocking in before the morning meeting)... I slept for eleven hours last night...eleven straight hours...no bouts of wakefulness, no weird dreams, no stirring, no occurrences of dreaded sleep paralysis...ELEVEN solid hours. The night before that? Seven hours...I can't remember when I last slept so soundly, so through-the-night... If it weren't for this terribly fatigued feeling plaguing me, I'd be totally thrilled... I'm not racing. I'm not training. I'm eating well (mostly). I'm not pregnant (duh). rrrrrrrr...weird, scary sound in the woods. Time to shut the windows, lock up, and not sleep... I knew it wouldn't last.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

let's just race cross...NOW...

Not going to bitch about the weather here... I'm glad it's not cold. I'm glad I can wear flip-flops because summer is here. I'd like to ride some trails, but the road has been treating me well. My dad & I did a rainy Chester Valley (flat) ride today on rigid mountain bikes...haven't ridden with BP in quite a while, so I was happy to spend Father's Day on bikes together. I'm kinda broke and hungry (but, not hungry because I'm broke...no worries, the fridge is stocked...mom & kid are well-fed)... Driving past the Phelps School a few days ago, windshield wipers on full blast, I found myself reminiscing about cross... soon enough, friends...soon enough.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I like the rain...

...now that I'm snug in bed. My cousin invited me & my son over for dinner tonight...now that they live closer, it seems we see them less. Hopefully, that will change with the arrival of summer! Way too many ravioli & brownies were consumed (by me), while my delightful son enjoyed two plain pieces of bread, sans crust (he is holding fast to the 4 Year-Old/4 Foods Only Diet which consists of bread, cereal, ice cream, and Goldfish this week). With Thursday looming, I've noticed I am especially low on patience this week...quite simply, I don't feel well, I am itching to see/feel some sun, and the workplace has been rather nutty. Having a delicious home cooked meal prepared for us tonight was an unexpected gift with impeccable timing... (I mean, what a relief to not have to pour another bowl of cereal for dinner...wink, wink) Man, I am longing to ride my bike...guess it's going to be another weekend on skinny tires. sigh.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Renee!

so wrong (but, tastes so right)
Suckers, you're all about to get rained out!
"Um, excuse me, mom, who is this kid tryin to steal my weapon?"
My sister-in-law turned 35...
there was a great party that lasted all day and all night (with an impromptu acoustic jam in the rasta shed)...
there was a cake created in the likeness of Renee's disgusting and painful leg wound...(mmmm, red velvet)...
there were cute & well-behaved kids, cute & (mostly) well-behaved grown-ups...
My brother, admittedly, throws a way better party than me.
(so, Rob, my 35th birthday...April 6th...hook it up, would you?)

Friday, June 12, 2009

whatcha doin?

It's mid-June already! Before summertime ends (I know it hasn't even officially started, but at this rate...jeez), I'd like to: go camping (Cape Henlopen?) try at least one mountain bike race not fret about wearing a bathing suit in July squeeze in more bike rides during the week (this one is a long shot) buy corn from Pete's visit Milkyway Creamery (still haven't had the ice cream) sharpen the pencils I received for Mother's Day & actually use them there's more...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the race

I spent the entire day watching the race...I have flip-flop tan lines and sunburn on my shoulders.
What struck me the most was how cool it is to be a part of our cycling community, even as a spectator...I had friends all over the place, even in the peloton...love that.

Friday, June 5, 2009

"Everything That Happens Will Happen Today..."

Tonight I am taking my son to his first concert (David Byrne at the Mann)... I bet he's too young. Gonna be a late night (that's why he had a "daytime bath" and is still esconced in napland, even as we approach dinner time)... I may be in for it, but this is a big deal in my family...couldn't pass up this opportunity. The kid is a fan of David Byrne. I was six the first time my dad took me to the Mann to see Men at Work. I remember wearing my purple & white striped rugby shirt and barrettes that my Aunt Linda made. I ate a huge soft pretzel. I had an agonizing toothache that sent us to the infirmary, located somewhere near back stage... I was shy and kinda awestruck as we sauntered past the opening band hanging out after their set, a relatively unknown Australian group called INXS. Ha! So, we'll pack some snacks & brave the rain...he may even remember this someday.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

and by the way...

I still ride a bike... just not as often as...before. I still want to race... just not right now.

don't forget

the binky is history, as is the crib...sigh...
he won't say "lasterday" (for yesterday) or "gruin" (for ruin) forever...
As in, "Lasterday, my Wolverine mask got gruined..."
makes me feel kinda sad.
Today my son is four and a half. Tomorrow he is closer to five.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

last-minute adventuring

Ocean City, NJ Monday June 1-Tuesday June 2:
Tahiti Inn (old-school, clean, 1 block from all the action)
Mack & Manco's pizza
Jumping waves, jumping on the bed
Goofy Golf
Cheap, plastic ninja swords
Fresh, local strawberries
heated pool (all to ourselves!)
staying up late
getting buried in the sand
hearing the words, "Mom, this is so much fun! Next time, can we stay for eighty forty ninety days?"
Amazing how much fun can be had in a mere 24 hours.