Friday, June 5, 2009

"Everything That Happens Will Happen Today..."

Tonight I am taking my son to his first concert (David Byrne at the Mann)... I bet he's too young. Gonna be a late night (that's why he had a "daytime bath" and is still esconced in napland, even as we approach dinner time)... I may be in for it, but this is a big deal in my family...couldn't pass up this opportunity. The kid is a fan of David Byrne. I was six the first time my dad took me to the Mann to see Men at Work. I remember wearing my purple & white striped rugby shirt and barrettes that my Aunt Linda made. I ate a huge soft pretzel. I had an agonizing toothache that sent us to the infirmary, located somewhere near back stage... I was shy and kinda awestruck as we sauntered past the opening band hanging out after their set, a relatively unknown Australian group called INXS. Ha! So, we'll pack some snacks & brave the rain...he may even remember this someday.

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Suki said...

I TOTALLY can't wait for those days...

folk festivals and campfires await us.