Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I like the rain... that I'm snug in bed. My cousin invited me & my son over for dinner that they live closer, it seems we see them less. Hopefully, that will change with the arrival of summer! Way too many ravioli & brownies were consumed (by me), while my delightful son enjoyed two plain pieces of bread, sans crust (he is holding fast to the 4 Year-Old/4 Foods Only Diet which consists of bread, cereal, ice cream, and Goldfish this week). With Thursday looming, I've noticed I am especially low on patience this week...quite simply, I don't feel well, I am itching to see/feel some sun, and the workplace has been rather nutty. Having a delicious home cooked meal prepared for us tonight was an unexpected gift with impeccable timing... (I mean, what a relief to not have to pour another bowl of cereal for dinner...wink, wink) Man, I am longing to ride my bike...guess it's going to be another weekend on skinny tires. sigh.

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K-Force said...

Yeah, I like the fatties too, but man 'o man those skinny tires can really build up the "motor" for when the pave turns to dirt. Think of your bikes like this... You can "date" three (3!) really hot guys at once. Each of them unique and different in their own way. All them fun in their own right, and when combined they fulfill all of your needs. The best part? Not a single one gets mad if you ignore them and leave them sitting in the corner!