Wednesday, June 24, 2009

slow down, please...

My son "read" a book to me tonight...(All By Myself...a "Little Critter" book by Mercer Mayer)... I'm sure I've asked before, but what happened between two and now? He follows directions, he uses his manners, he makes smart choices and considers other people's feelings...what the hell?? Slow down,'re freaking me out. This week has left me so very tired... it actually hurt to walk up the two short flights of stairs to work this afternoon (usually, I bound up them, two steps at a time, because I am always cutting it that close to clocking in before the morning meeting)... I slept for eleven hours last night...eleven straight bouts of wakefulness, no weird dreams, no stirring, no occurrences of dreaded sleep paralysis...ELEVEN solid hours. The night before that? Seven hours...I can't remember when I last slept so soundly, so through-the-night... If it weren't for this terribly fatigued feeling plaguing me, I'd be totally thrilled... I'm not racing. I'm not training. I'm eating well (mostly). I'm not pregnant (duh). rrrrrrrr...weird, scary sound in the woods. Time to shut the windows, lock up, and not sleep... I knew it wouldn't last.

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tgiven said...

They do get big so quick & it only seems to move faster the older they get. At least you realize this & take the time to enjoy it!
As for how you are feeling- have you been checked for Lyme disease? (Gotta ask this as the older cousin ya know...) Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon- minus the insomnia :)