Friday, July 31, 2009

back & forth

I'm better. I'm not. I'm better. I'm not... I guess I fall into "not" today... Summer is zooming by and I have spent July dozing, lazing, snoozing... I don't want to brood about the weight I've gained or my sloth-like behavior...or about being broke as a joke (how much work have I missed?? Seriously?) But, it's my blog...and since I am also too lazy to put actual pen to actual paper lately (in the form of a long-neglected journal), I reserve the right to bitch a little... I did enjoy a nice not-quite-week at the favorite part was swimming in the ocean. Quite simply, the water was warm & deceptively clear...big, swirly waves...strong current...I couldn't get enough. Haven't moved that much in know?? It's Friday...what is for dinner? Have a lovely weekend, friends...can't imagine I'll have much to report anytime soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's so easy when I just relax & follow his lead...sometimes the 4 year-old has to be in charge, has to get his way.
If only I could bring the smell of the ocean home with me for every bedtime.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

talking tigers

Last night's dream: I was in the butterfly house at the Academy of Natural Science...there were several tigers in the butterfly house (sort of loping back and forth near the little poison dart frog habitat) and whenever I tried to leave one of them would be like, "Stay the f*ck outta my way!" I am happy to report my dreams have been slightly more colorful than the awful faux-Phillies game...perhaps I can attribute the excitement to Excedrin PM. Or the extra potassium in my diet. Other than that, not much excitement here...I found some muscles buried deep within my legs the past few days thanks to a little running, a little yoga... Looks as though I am going to spend the early part of the season pitting/spectating/clanging a long as I'm there.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

fingers crossed

feeling better the past few days... feeling like I may venture out and pedal around somewhere flat this weekend... feeling like 3 or 4 weeks off the bike is hardly the end of the world (I mean, look at June...I worked hard). wondering if I can survive a week at the beach with my four year-old Sand Flea.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Absinthe, Please...

Sleeping eleven to sixteen hours a day (for, I believe, a five day stretch now) has left my dream tank empty... Witness this gem: I'm at a Phillies game with several family members and coworkers (ugh...the especially loathsome ones)... We are not at the "real" stadium...we are at a crappy weed-ridden (weed, such as dandelions, crab grass...told you this was boring) ball field likely in Delaware county (no offense, just sayin)... Halfway through the first inning, I realize we are not even watching the real Phillies...this is like a B team, all the players are totally unrecognizable, not even wearing the real uniform, playing against an equally unrecognizable team...I try to tell my family, but they just think I'm full of shit. "Oh yeah? Where's Werth? Where's Ibanez? Where's Lidge? How bout Utley?" I say...(rattling off all these names, how is beyond me, I know, I know, World Champions blah blah blah...I haven't seen a Phillies game since our fifth grade Safety Field, we didn't wear our orange sashes)... So, everyone is into this crappy game...the snacks are even crappy...we are sitting on crappy wooden splintery bleachers... Most boring game ever. I don't like baseball. I had to sit through an entire baseball game...a faux-Phillies game at a crappy field somewhere in the middle of crappy Dreamworld with people I don't even like (I like Jeff & Max, obviously...but, the rest of them should stay at work where they belong). In my dream. What the??!

I got mail...

coolest, most thoughtful survival kit ever... I love my friends!

Monday, July 20, 2009


My friend, Liz, stopped by this morning with a venti iced green tea and her six day old baby boy.
The tea was refreshing and the baby was angelic.
Little Henry made my day.

krossed out

I can't look at the MAC calendar yet. I was in bed til 4pm today...that's a record. Last time I was laid up like this was... when I had an appendectomy (that was f-u-n)... Following that surgery, my grandmom gave me a crisp one hundred dollar bill...that recovery fund accompanied me to Jamaica several weeks later & saw to it that my thirst for Red Stripe was more than quenched (among other island delights). Not surprisingly, my dear friend Sara provided me with a fantastic Mediterranean spread last night complete with the. best. homemade. tabbouleh. EVER... A quiet(ish) night spent at home with friends and (nerd alert!) Cranium wasn't what the doctor ordered, but cheered me up nonetheless. As I said, it was 4pm when I finally got out of bed today, so mono or not, this girl is wide awake... (maybe not wide awake so much as totally screwed up my already screwed up sleep cycle)... One more item worth noting: So, beer is now available at Wegman's (I know, right?!) mean, I can get Delirium? Or Sammy Smith (mmmm Oatmeal Stout mmmm)? Or La Chouffe at my supermarket?? A mere two aisles away from my beloved W bread and baklava? Oh, yes I can, friends. (when I am all better, of course) Nighty night.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Instead of lamenting my waning fitness and growing waistline, I'm going to stock up on some books & magazines...a teammate whom I barely know has offered me a knitting demo (C3- Athletes Serving Athletes, indeed!)...I'm going to enjoy a quiet week at home and focus on getting better. I have empty sketch books, brand new markers, blank note cards, neglected DVDs (time to revisit Little Nicky and laugh my ass off?)...I have a fridge stocked with healthy, easy-to-prepare food (and a half gallon of Chocolate Quik!)...I have Apples to Apples and willing victims (Sara, are you out there?)...I have an itunes gift card from Christmas that I haven't had time to use (and a yearning for the not-so-new-anymore Yeah Yeah Yeahs)...I also have an enormous pile of clothing to be ironed (I'm sure ironing clothes isn't harmful to my spleen, right?) This is what the doctor ordered (literally, in the form of bed rest) and it's all I can do. Making the best of it...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spreading the love

it's the kissing disease, right?
ultra-flattering photo courtesy of Therese Given, my lovely cousin

Thursday, July 16, 2009

sunny thursday afternoon

monosucksmonomonomonosleepymonoboredmonogettingfatmonotootiredmonofriendsareridingmonofeelinbluemonolookingpalemonocan'tridemonoworksuxmonoeatingsucksmonopukeymonosleepymonoboredmonocan'tmakeitthruamoviemono monomonomonomonomonomonomonomonomono rrrrrrrrrr

Monday, July 13, 2009

there he goes!

Iron Hill Twilight Crit downtown West Chester
Kid's Race
photo courtesy of Brendan McCann

Saturday, July 11, 2009

2 weeks too long

today marks two weeks off the bike... June was filled with long, meandering mountain bike rides...purposeful, hilly road rides... all with intentions of getting stronger and more confident for cross... cross cross cross... May I just say, mono is stupid?? I sure don't look sick or feel sick... I feel freaking tired and mopey. I tried to will myself out of this funk...pedalling around my (flat) neighborhood left my legs feeling heavy and dull (but, sure helped me sleep well). The day typically goes like this (remember, I've been on unpaid vacation all week while the doc is on jury duty): -Wake up late (9am...and for some miraculous reason, my healthy 4 year-old has been sleeping in, too...lucky me!) -Do something fun outside with my kid until we are worn out (wait, he doesn't get worn out til about 9pm) -Try to eat something healthy for lunch (controlling calories, being very mindful to not eat any junk, as I have no means of burning calories other than walking and...walking) -Nap for several hours while my kid continues to rule the world at my parent's or his dad's -Muddle through dinner, bathtime, and stories with the tiniest drop of energy/enthusiasm -Pass out with my son by 9pm (maybe earlier if I am lucky) One thing I love (yes, love) about having to take it easy: the day isn't broken up by that sense of gotta get that ride in... As focused as I've been, as much as I love/crave/need that time on my bike, it has been a blessing to just wander aimlessly through entire days simply cherishing hours and hours with my son. Yesterday, I realized I can't just plow through's going to run its course and that's that. Excuse me, but Thriller is on...(MTV U= actual music videos, like it used to be before the Hills and all that shit)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

to be a kid!

I'm afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
giant tree frogs
Pitfall Harry & Indiana Jones?
Looking down from "Tree Hugger"
Inside Badger Burrow
the Bird Preserve
We spent the morning with our cousins, exploring ten very cleverly constructed tree houses at Tyler Arboretum...
Check it out, with or without kids (through September 27)!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ladiez Day 2009

Once a year:
Gather two good friends.
Head to the mall (you heard me...the mall)...even if it's sunny and perfect outside. In fact, especially if it's sunny and perfect outside.
Bar hop (at the mall).
Try on silly hats and/or clothes (because you're kinda tipsy), sink into ridiculously comfy furniture...maybe insist you need said furniture (beanbags with expensive "upholstery") in your cute new apartment.
End the day poolside, wearing the sweatshirt (or cute swimsuit) you bought on a semi-drunken whim.
Repeat in one calendar matter what.
(mall pedicure optional)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Diary

4th Grade (undated entries): If I could have a wild animal for a pet, it would be a woodchuck named Clarence. I felt happy and agreeable when I heard we were going to Disney World this month! I got my cabbage patch kid. Mrs. Hartman got mad in math because I corrected Heidi's paper in crayon. Semi-mortifying: By the way, I made a new boyfriend. His name is Jeremy H! He gave me two pictures of him! Maybe next month I will take Jeremy to the St. Dennis Fair. Check out this gem: I felt scared when I bumped into a fake Frankenstein. I screamed. I felt embarassed. People stared at me like "weird person." Having just finished Sarah Brown's collection of the aptly titled "Cringe" (a collection of diary entries/notes/mix tapes), I felt compelled to dig into my own cringe-worthy archives. Since age 8, I dutifully wrote in a journal nearly every day... As a "grownup" (heh heh), I sometimes scribble thoughts in a notebook, but nothing nearly as juicy as these fourth grade musings...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

red, white, & blue

"I like the scribbler ones [fireworks] that don't know what they're doing."

happy 4th

Jeff & my son brought me some cheer in the name of (likely highly toxic) cheap dollar-store "fire works" my horrified neighbors stood by, we dutifully lit all manner of ghastly smelling safety hazards in the front yard. So classy. My son wanted to have a dance party, but the sparklers, smoke bombs, and snappers left me feeling pretty much partied out. I feel kinda down, but mostly just bored... Summer's like I'm cursed or something... This time last year, I was running the Good Neighbor 5k with Cati because my left arm was in a cast and riding was out of the question. eeeewwwww...listen to me... Tomorrow I am determined to do something fun...easy, but fun. And hopefully outside.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

this shit is weird

today: 3 hours into my morning, my forearms were sore & my hands were shaking. I was yawning non-stop beneath my mask. I am an orthodontic assistant and shaky hands are not helpful when bending wires, putting on braces, or wielding sharp instruments inside a patient's mouth... "Um...yaaaaaawwwwn, I'm afraid I'm not going to make it through the day..." Once upon a time, I was misdiagnosed with mono following a scary reaction to Tamiflu...after a near-disastrous visit to the ER, my family doctor proclaimed at my follow-up, "No, Kim, you don't have mono. You had the flu and you had a serious reaction to a drug." So, this time, I was skeptical when my lab results came back positive for mono. "Yes, Kim, you definitely have mono." This kind of fatigue just confounds me...I don't know what to do with myself...I've been told to take it easy, don't even think about riding,, I don't even feel like riding. Luckily, my family is awesome, my kid's dad is awesome & I am able to heed my doctor's advice... The last time I felt this way was when I had pneumonia in fourth grade...all I wanted to do was watch All My Children, color in my Barbie coloring books, and drink tea... not much has changed.

they're baaaaack

the water lilies at Longwood...
sigh...summer is here.