Saturday, July 11, 2009

2 weeks too long

today marks two weeks off the bike... June was filled with long, meandering mountain bike rides...purposeful, hilly road rides... all with intentions of getting stronger and more confident for cross... cross cross cross... May I just say, mono is stupid?? I sure don't look sick or feel sick... I feel freaking tired and mopey. I tried to will myself out of this funk...pedalling around my (flat) neighborhood left my legs feeling heavy and dull (but, sure helped me sleep well). The day typically goes like this (remember, I've been on unpaid vacation all week while the doc is on jury duty): -Wake up late (9am...and for some miraculous reason, my healthy 4 year-old has been sleeping in, too...lucky me!) -Do something fun outside with my kid until we are worn out (wait, he doesn't get worn out til about 9pm) -Try to eat something healthy for lunch (controlling calories, being very mindful to not eat any junk, as I have no means of burning calories other than walking and...walking) -Nap for several hours while my kid continues to rule the world at my parent's or his dad's -Muddle through dinner, bathtime, and stories with the tiniest drop of energy/enthusiasm -Pass out with my son by 9pm (maybe earlier if I am lucky) One thing I love (yes, love) about having to take it easy: the day isn't broken up by that sense of gotta get that ride in... As focused as I've been, as much as I love/crave/need that time on my bike, it has been a blessing to just wander aimlessly through entire days simply cherishing hours and hours with my son. Yesterday, I realized I can't just plow through's going to run its course and that's that. Excuse me, but Thriller is on...(MTV U= actual music videos, like it used to be before the Hills and all that shit)


rsdmag said...

Keep your chin up- I now it sucks but I managed to salvage some of my season after getting hit by a car last year. I was off the bike for a month, then had to take it easy for another month after that. It wasnt until about November where I started to feel good again, so I think you will be in better shape than I was!!!

Last Times said...

Ugh, I am so sorry. Much as you are tired, I need your help. Call me and laugh and cajole!