Friday, July 31, 2009

back & forth

I'm better. I'm not. I'm better. I'm not... I guess I fall into "not" today... Summer is zooming by and I have spent July dozing, lazing, snoozing... I don't want to brood about the weight I've gained or my sloth-like behavior...or about being broke as a joke (how much work have I missed?? Seriously?) But, it's my blog...and since I am also too lazy to put actual pen to actual paper lately (in the form of a long-neglected journal), I reserve the right to bitch a little... I did enjoy a nice not-quite-week at the favorite part was swimming in the ocean. Quite simply, the water was warm & deceptively clear...big, swirly waves...strong current...I couldn't get enough. Haven't moved that much in know?? It's Friday...what is for dinner? Have a lovely weekend, friends...can't imagine I'll have much to report anytime soon.

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