Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Diary

4th Grade (undated entries): If I could have a wild animal for a pet, it would be a woodchuck named Clarence. I felt happy and agreeable when I heard we were going to Disney World this month! I got my cabbage patch kid. Mrs. Hartman got mad in math because I corrected Heidi's paper in crayon. Semi-mortifying: By the way, I made a new boyfriend. His name is Jeremy H! He gave me two pictures of him! Maybe next month I will take Jeremy to the St. Dennis Fair. Check out this gem: I felt scared when I bumped into a fake Frankenstein. I screamed. I felt embarassed. People stared at me like "weird person." Having just finished Sarah Brown's collection of the aptly titled "Cringe" (a collection of diary entries/notes/mix tapes), I felt compelled to dig into my own cringe-worthy archives. Since age 8, I dutifully wrote in a journal nearly every day... As a "grownup" (heh heh), I sometimes scribble thoughts in a notebook, but nothing nearly as juicy as these fourth grade musings...

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