Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th

Jeff & my son brought me some cheer in the name of (likely highly toxic) cheap dollar-store "fire works" my horrified neighbors stood by, we dutifully lit all manner of ghastly smelling safety hazards in the front yard. So classy. My son wanted to have a dance party, but the sparklers, smoke bombs, and snappers left me feeling pretty much partied out. I feel kinda down, but mostly just bored... Summer's like I'm cursed or something... This time last year, I was running the Good Neighbor 5k with Cati because my left arm was in a cast and riding was out of the question. eeeewwwww...listen to me... Tomorrow I am determined to do something fun...easy, but fun. And hopefully outside.

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rsdmag said...

A group of us will be rolling French Creek tomorrow if you're into it.