Monday, July 20, 2009

krossed out

I can't look at the MAC calendar yet. I was in bed til 4pm today...that's a record. Last time I was laid up like this was... when I had an appendectomy (that was f-u-n)... Following that surgery, my grandmom gave me a crisp one hundred dollar bill...that recovery fund accompanied me to Jamaica several weeks later & saw to it that my thirst for Red Stripe was more than quenched (among other island delights). Not surprisingly, my dear friend Sara provided me with a fantastic Mediterranean spread last night complete with the. best. homemade. tabbouleh. EVER... A quiet(ish) night spent at home with friends and (nerd alert!) Cranium wasn't what the doctor ordered, but cheered me up nonetheless. As I said, it was 4pm when I finally got out of bed today, so mono or not, this girl is wide awake... (maybe not wide awake so much as totally screwed up my already screwed up sleep cycle)... One more item worth noting: So, beer is now available at Wegman's (I know, right?!) mean, I can get Delirium? Or Sammy Smith (mmmm Oatmeal Stout mmmm)? Or La Chouffe at my supermarket?? A mere two aisles away from my beloved W bread and baklava? Oh, yes I can, friends. (when I am all better, of course) Nighty night.

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