Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ladiez Day 2009

Once a year:
Gather two good friends.
Head to the mall (you heard me...the mall)...even if it's sunny and perfect outside. In fact, especially if it's sunny and perfect outside.
Bar hop (at the mall).
Try on silly hats and/or clothes (because you're kinda tipsy), sink into ridiculously comfy furniture...maybe insist you need said furniture (beanbags with expensive "upholstery") in your cute new apartment.
End the day poolside, wearing the sweatshirt (or cute swimsuit) you bought on a semi-drunken whim.
Repeat in one calendar year...no matter what.
(mall pedicure optional)


spicyride said...

You have bars in the mall? I feel cheated with our lame food court.

sara said...

best. day. ever.