Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summertime is winding down...

hangin out
family reunion
cupcakes & lollipops

Thursday, August 27, 2009


As fall approaches, I can feel the summertime curse lifting (not afraid to say it...what am I gonna do? jinx myself or something?)... the only thing that gets me nervous is registering for all these races so far ahead of time... My dad admitted to it, too. But, damn, I want a good starting position... (*grins*) Cross Practice... I just hope I am not blowing myself up & turning myself inside out to bring back illness...I am hovering over a fine line right now of getting stronger or wearing myself down. How is it still fun...three years later? Of the handful of areas we poach for practice, I somehow don't get bored chasing & racing around the same field of dirt & soybeans...year after year.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Cross Oh-Nine...yeah!"

(at least I think that's what BP hollered over his shoulder as I gasped for air, choking on the dust of a ninety-degree afternoon & my humbled ego on Hot Lap #3)
Considering my first few hard efforts back on the bike have occurred at high intensity and in ridiculous heat, I'm feeling pretty good.
Worth noting:
1) Getting reacquainted with the Mudhoney? Are you kidding me?? Easy, baby...Easy.
2) Following my dad around in circles, trying to stick to his wheel, trying to find a rhythm?
The element of anxiety was almost zero...kinda like the comfortable little jumble of nerves one feels upon going back to school after a lazy, ho-hum summer vacation (like fourth grade, right? Summer was great and all, but really you just want to get back to seeing your friends, watching the leaves turn colors, and fall back into the groove...there's work to be done, but you like it)
3) Gaining confidence about an all-too-quickly approaching season of racing after a slothful & discouraging summer spent mostly in bed?
Not too bad, considering...
Recovery took a bit longer, breathing was tricky to negotiate on the stronger efforts, and the mere thought of dismounting just plain confounded me. Otherwise, confidence is within reach.
Cross practice.
Part of my vocabulary again, starting today.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sara & Travis got married...perhaps the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended. Their latest adventure begins all too soon, all too far away (far away from Quizzo and goofy little dinner parties and petulant requests for tea & toast well after midnight and dreadful Cranium and Ladiez Day and dirty Frazer Lanes and plain pizza with absolutely no effing pineapple and Tiny Girls in Burly Trucks and exquisite beer snobbery and fantastic Halloween costumes and yummy treats including the most addictive homemade Almond Brittle ever and chocolate chip cookies with extra salt and cheap fireworks and good wine and impromptu trips to Casablanca and dominating the Picture Round and clever drawings and hand-sewn pillows and daring fashion choices and taking cheap shots at a snarky cheese plate, I mean the "Celebration Platter" and loathsome sing-alongs to Supertramp...lots of great memories & excellent conversation crammed into one little year)...
Guess I'll have to add Bloomington to my list.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

biting the racing bug back (one little nibble at a time)

French Creek '09: Bean's jersey, C3 bibs...for the first time ever, finger-less gloves (consensus...ugh, those blisters don't look cute with my party frock and heels). Warm-up? (yes, please, in brutal, soupy, near-90 degree heat...I find myself begging Anne Rock to pedal around with me and proceed to prattle forth every drop of anxiety & race angst inside me...something akin to, "blah blah blah, I'm so freaking nervous blah blah blah mono blah blah blah been off the bike for blah blah blah...") Anne, please, do us both a favor and slap me. Marcus gives us the go (there are no fewer than 4 in my class...I realize this is likely my last mountain bike race in the 34-under bracket. so what?)... My son is on the sidelines frantically shouting, "GO KIMMMMMMYYYYY!!!" (you mean, mom?) The race: is greasy, slippy, mucky, and hot. Sticky, how-can-I-get-around-my-breathing hot. Colossal bungle in the first little rock garden puts me in second, third buzzes by shortly thereafter...who are these girls?? Turn myself inside-out keeping second in sight and only advance when the nasty descent before Purple wrecks her is quickly assembled, I am ushered on... Yikes...take it easier on the remaining down down down until the final push up that ever-unrelenting Orange climb... crampity-cramps, I've never met quite the likes of you before. Ouch, let's wrap this up. Nearing the finish, I hear that familiar scratchy voice again, "Mom, come on!! Go KIMMMMYYYY!!!" awesome. I am a sweaty, heaving mess...delighted & drenched to the bone. Ew. "Mom, you didn't have a good race. You had a great race." Awww. Such a blast to be in the mix, on the bike, and among some of my favorite people. gonna pay for this tomorrow...maybe even all week.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I love surprises...

Sitting on the front porch with my son, blowing bubbles, talking about aliens and popsicles, I'm surprised to see my friend Cati driving down our street... She parks her car & bounds up the driveway with the simplest little bag of three extraordinary goodies (a fresh baguette, a wedge of cheese, and two chocolate bars)... How am I this lucky that friends drop by, unannounced, bearing sweets & carbs for no reason?? We then make plans to meet for a ride later this afternoon (a mellow, get-reacquainted-with-the-Salsa ride), which is exactly what I need. Why can't all weekends begin like this?

Monday, August 10, 2009

ten hours too long

I was going to be so good this week...(I really dislike that just made my stomach do this weird sinking butterfly wretching thing...ewww) Yeah, I was going to get serious about eating well, eating for energy...I was going to be smart about getting into whatever kind of groove I can handle right now with regards to riding and kicking mono's ass. I mean, I'm still going to do all that, but this day... rrrrrr...this day was tough. I'm grossed out. I'm frustrated. I'm tired. The evening ended with a Magic Hat (Circus Boy) and a Cadbury Crunchie (the entire bar...gone). Everyone knows I usually don't soften the blow of purely crappy day with alcohol & chocolate... however, the combination seemed fitting. If I keep this up, though, that cute Nanette Lepore dress is gonna stay on the hanger in my closet for Sara's wedding... tomorrow I will be good. tomorrow better be good to me.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

happy to report:

-logged 3 rides this weekend...without falling and destroying my spleen (bonus)
-ate waaaay too much pizza (Saturday night I enjoyed an impromptu pizza party at Bertucci's with Sara, Colin, and my awesome son...tonight my mom made perhaps her best pizza ever...Go, mom!)
-played indoor black light Pirate mini golf (I sooooo suck, but had so much fun losing)
-cleaned my house (every room needed serious attention and in spite of such horrifically addictive distractions such as facebook, True North Almond Clusters, and US Weekly, I got the job done)
-ironed all my ugly scrubs for work this week
-put gas in my car (my all-time least favorite "chore"...I don't even know why)
-found out Nikki WON the expert race at Mt.Snow
-Sara will be married this time next week (and I will be tearing it up on the dance floor with my four year-old party animal)
-logged 3 rides this weekend (I know, I already mentioned that...but, I am super-excited that I am literally, happily, joyfully back in the much work to do, but I don't even care right was the most fun I've had in weeks...and weeks and weeks...)

Friday, August 7, 2009

all-time low or decide

Chocolate Quik and cereal in bed at 3:30am. What a weird day. One of my bestest friends (yeah, I said bestest) dropped off a goody bag filled with yummy perishables and treats (Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt, my fave...Nestle Quik, my fave...imported Crunchies, huge box of green Matcha tea, Reed's ginger brew, and various yummy/healthy snacks), but I could barely haul my weak ass out of bed to accept it. Thank goodness we've gotten over ourselves and can be friends again... cause, damn, I'm a care package slut (it's why I get mono and kidney infections...maybe I'll milk this rolled ankle next)! When Jeff arrived after playing with our son (thus, affording me a two hour nap), he insisted I needed to get outside and enjoy the (waning) beautiful day...we trucked over to the trails at Downingtown and enjoyed a little hike in the woods. Our four year-old boss insisted on playing Star Wars ("You be Asohka, I'll be Anakin...Dad can be Count Dooku...")...Jeff wasn't content to be Dooku again and begged to be Obi Wan..."Forget it...we're playing GI Joe. Mom, you can be Scarlet." Right on! And that's how I rolled my ankle. Guess I got a little over-zealous with my pretend crossbow. (those roots at dtown get me every time...not even safe on foot anymore) so continues my saga of becoming less and less athletic (or whatever semblance of "athletic" I was before my summertime string of maladies and mishaps began...) I promise not to make the chocolate milk & cereal thing (or percocet, for that matter) in bed a habit. How many days til Charm City??

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

back at it

tomorrow is my first day back to work...I'm nervous. Hard to believe it's been a little over a year since I started this job. I still feel like I don't fit in completely... July was a blur... no, July was blurry... tomorrow is also my wedding anniversary...would be 9 years (is 9 years...???)...mixed feelings all over the place about that one. Wondering how I will handle the rocks & roots when I get the green light to hit the trails... I am pretty sure I know what climbing will feel like...groan. What is usually my favorite part will likely hurt the most. Wondering why nobody wants to see (500) Days of Summer with me. Wondering if I'll ever get to see LCD Soundsystem live. oh... I've received lots of encouragement and support and kind words from all over the place regarding my health...I know what I'm dealing with isn't serious or life-threatening, but it's been a bummer and the optimist in me took a break this summer, so I just want to say thanks. Thank you. All those kind little sentiments truly bring a smile to my face. (this meandering post has been warmly brought to you by Percocet)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


last night: maybe I'll go see my brother play at Spence...hmmm, this Paleo thing shouldn't be too hard... hmmm, this Paleo thing is going to be pretty hard for a girl who's never eaten a banana or a tomato...hmmm, I sure love bread...say, what's that weird pain in my left side?? I should probably shower and find something to wear...ouch, is that my spleen?? I think I'll just get in bed, drink some water...maybe the road ride was a little too much, especially in this, I just want to sleep...owwwww, jesus, that feels a lot like a contraction, remember that?? Of course it's not a contraction...I am quite obviously NOT pregnant...damn, maybe a hot Epsom salt bath will help...eleven o'clock already? everyone, stop texting me, I'm staying in...owwwwwwww...okay, maybe I should confer with my best friend...his dad's an ER doc...nope, I don't need medical attention...okay, the pain is nowhere near my's rapidly spreading to my back and above my left hip bone...midnight? f*ck, I'd love to sleep...hey, how bout an anti-anxiety pill, that'll put me out...I know I'm not getting on an airplane, but I am starting to get ride was stupid stupid ill-advised and I knew it...sleepy...zzzzz 4am thunder/lightning... FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK.... this feels like a relentless contraction, a terrible sharp, mean mean pain...I am taking another hot bath...and some TUMS...maybe it was something I ate (oh, like that salad, you dumb-ass...cause you're all "Paleo Diet For Athletes starts now...")... call mom? call Jeff?? nah, totally overrreactOOOOWWWWing... yoga breathing...child's, this is dumb... can't stand straight or walk without my appendix is already out...soooo?? Now what? I am behaving much like the morning I went into labor...I am climbing the walls and begging for mercy... 6am tried to call the Pernas, but the phones were goofy...perhaps the storm?? barely haul my sorry ass to the ER (a seven minute drive)... I am crying like a baby, doubled over, pathetic really... the nurse is kind & patient... a simple (though, severe) kidney infection...because mono wasn't enough...right?? Morphine for breakfast. No relief...I am dumbfounded. Morphine again, shortly thereafter. Mom arrives and I am bawling...I am the ugliest crier you have ever seen. Hours pass, percocet galore...fluids & an IV of badass antibiotics... "Would you like to stay?" what? here? like overnight? like a sleepover? Oh, no thank you... the nurse advises me that my pain will be more effectively managed if I choose to be admitted. the doc disagrees...wants me to try to be at home...(the doc is cute, mom concurs) I imagine my comfy bed, clean pjs, a bath...cinnamon toast (screw that Paleo Diet today...Kimmy needs sugary carbs and mint tea)... I am home, writhing around, scrunching up my toes, trying to get comfortable. I have had many a crybaby moment in the past 23 hours... Now, please, summer is waning and cross is on the horizon...that's enough, ok?