Friday, August 7, 2009

all-time low or decide

Chocolate Quik and cereal in bed at 3:30am. What a weird day. One of my bestest friends (yeah, I said bestest) dropped off a goody bag filled with yummy perishables and treats (Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt, my fave...Nestle Quik, my fave...imported Crunchies, huge box of green Matcha tea, Reed's ginger brew, and various yummy/healthy snacks), but I could barely haul my weak ass out of bed to accept it. Thank goodness we've gotten over ourselves and can be friends again... cause, damn, I'm a care package slut (it's why I get mono and kidney infections...maybe I'll milk this rolled ankle next)! When Jeff arrived after playing with our son (thus, affording me a two hour nap), he insisted I needed to get outside and enjoy the (waning) beautiful day...we trucked over to the trails at Downingtown and enjoyed a little hike in the woods. Our four year-old boss insisted on playing Star Wars ("You be Asohka, I'll be Anakin...Dad can be Count Dooku...")...Jeff wasn't content to be Dooku again and begged to be Obi Wan..."Forget it...we're playing GI Joe. Mom, you can be Scarlet." Right on! And that's how I rolled my ankle. Guess I got a little over-zealous with my pretend crossbow. (those roots at dtown get me every time...not even safe on foot anymore) so continues my saga of becoming less and less athletic (or whatever semblance of "athletic" I was before my summertime string of maladies and mishaps began...) I promise not to make the chocolate milk & cereal thing (or percocet, for that matter) in bed a habit. How many days til Charm City??

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sara said...

Mmmm quik. I vote nirvana.