Sunday, August 9, 2009

happy to report:

-logged 3 rides this weekend...without falling and destroying my spleen (bonus)
-ate waaaay too much pizza (Saturday night I enjoyed an impromptu pizza party at Bertucci's with Sara, Colin, and my awesome son...tonight my mom made perhaps her best pizza ever...Go, mom!)
-played indoor black light Pirate mini golf (I sooooo suck, but had so much fun losing)
-cleaned my house (every room needed serious attention and in spite of such horrifically addictive distractions such as facebook, True North Almond Clusters, and US Weekly, I got the job done)
-ironed all my ugly scrubs for work this week
-put gas in my car (my all-time least favorite "chore"...I don't even know why)
-found out Nikki WON the expert race at Mt.Snow
-Sara will be married this time next week (and I will be tearing it up on the dance floor with my four year-old party animal)
-logged 3 rides this weekend (I know, I already mentioned that...but, I am super-excited that I am literally, happily, joyfully back in the much work to do, but I don't even care right was the most fun I've had in weeks...and weeks and weeks...)