Monday, August 10, 2009

ten hours too long

I was going to be so good this week...(I really dislike that just made my stomach do this weird sinking butterfly wretching thing...ewww) Yeah, I was going to get serious about eating well, eating for energy...I was going to be smart about getting into whatever kind of groove I can handle right now with regards to riding and kicking mono's ass. I mean, I'm still going to do all that, but this day... rrrrrr...this day was tough. I'm grossed out. I'm frustrated. I'm tired. The evening ended with a Magic Hat (Circus Boy) and a Cadbury Crunchie (the entire bar...gone). Everyone knows I usually don't soften the blow of purely crappy day with alcohol & chocolate... however, the combination seemed fitting. If I keep this up, though, that cute Nanette Lepore dress is gonna stay on the hanger in my closet for Sara's wedding... tomorrow I will be good. tomorrow better be good to me.

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