Tuesday, September 8, 2009

oh, puh-leeeeze!

I'm healthy again and sleeping fantastically...normal, solid, consistent all-night-kind-of-sleep. On the other hand, I am right back at square one all over again...in many ways, nothing has changed since this time last year. In many ways, everything has changed. So, the push-pull is killing me these past few weeks...as silly as it sounds, cross practice affords me a huge break from the buzz and the worry and the big stuff that I am trying to handle gracefully. I did see two films recently... (500) Days of Summer...loved it. Was heartbreaking. Ponyo...loved it. Giggled a lot.


Sara said...

You should go see "Paper Heart" if it's playing nearby. Trav and I saw it and it's super cute.

megA said...

and now you're back too!

welcome back to health and sleep, please stay awhile!!