Wednesday, September 2, 2009

practice makes (almost) pukey

there's no eloquent way to put it... sorry. Practice Number Three took place at the Tedious Park (with the uninspiring scenery, powerlines & plentiful obstacles)... Practice always yields one amazing constant: My worries completely cease. Every single time, every single one of them. Nothing else in my life is quite that powerful in that regard... lap after grueling lap...

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Jim said...

I can relate. I did some Tabata intervals the other day - 10 second sprint, 50 second recovery, x 10, x 3. # 8, 9 and 10 in each set, I had that feeling like after a big booze binge, where my stomach is just upside down and trying to climb up my throat. The only good point is that they ended pretty quick, 45 minutes of suffer then it was over.

Of course I need to step them up to 20 seconds rest by mid-October, then all bets are off.