Friday, October 2, 2009

all about me

I have a broken toe...pretty sure it's the same one I broke almost two years ago (which is only worth remembering because it happened the day before Beacon...) I have a pile of papers with lots of legal terms that are tricky (for me) to understand...trying to make sure all the bases are covered and nobody's getting ripped off isn't pretty. I have an icky cold that's been lingering since Sunday night...skipped a ride/practice on Wednesday, ate pizza and cinnamon rolls this week...should prove AWESOME for this Sunday's race. I have a new roommate...though, he's more like a pen pal with the hours he works. The house looks & feels exactly the same except for a notepad on the kitchen counter ("Chris, there are tacos in the fridge"..."Sorry if I made too much noise, Kim...went food shopping late"...) I have nothing exciting to say today...

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