Monday, October 19, 2009

Granogue & Wiss...I can't even describe the weekend...okay, I'll try:

does this mud make my ass look big?
Here I am...Monday. The sun is shining & puddles have dried up...the lawn is a little less soggy & the mud on the FJ is dry & crumbly. Sigh. Dry, clean clothes are hanging in the laundry room...bottles are washed, sitting in the drying rack. Shoes still need attention, but my dad has (thank you thank you thank you) taken care of the bikes. Monday...still abuzz with absolute crazy cross love... Amazing weekend. I am in awe of the incredible bike racing I saw this weekend...mostly, I am just happy & thankful to have found my little place in this mud-loving community. Although I still feel like the new kid, I am stoked to be a part of a team that just gets it (and totally slays it in the mud, apparently). Maybe this sums it up better than anything else: Last night I dreamed the trees in my neighborhood were linked together with SRAM tape... thanks for reading.


Anthony S. said...

"does this mud make my ass look big?" - That's a lotta mud!

fatmarc said...

I have a roll of sram tape in the car. We could make that happen.


zenbicyclist said...

You accidentally talked me into doing my first cross race Sunday. I did something wrong because I didn't seem to have as much fun as you.

Kim said...

that's because you have to experience EAST COAST cross ;)
way more fun, I bet!