Monday, October 12, 2009

Iron Cross Lite...

My dad won...pretty freaking inspiring to watch him sail through the spiral and keep moving moving moving. My dad rocks...I try to listen, try to learn. I missed Anne Rock...I missed our smack talk/pep-rally on the grid. I raced kind of sloppy...I was on my knees in the sand pit after a pretty ferocious start. On my knees...with wheels bouncing off my helmet and shouting and nerves. What else? I worked really hard to catch the lead group...worked well with Jess Kates (crazy kit, super-strong), but bungled (once again) in the sand with one lap to go. Something was a little off, I can't name it...all I know is, the race was over & I was tired. I felt kinda defeated, kinda was weird, yet I still had fun. The pine trees made it all worthwhile.

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