Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little Miss Rant-y

Thanksgiving was wonderful...the best I've had in years. I love it when there is a crowd at the table. PA States was great...what a competitive season it's been, even now as it draws to a close. Phelps...sucked. In spite of a good course, perfect weather/conditions, and excellent racing, I am left with sour grapes and frustration. Just moments upon crossing the line, still gasping for air, the promoter made a pretty insulting comment about the lack of a women's field and something to the effect of, "that wasn't even a race..." I started to get into it ("hey, that's a pretty offensive thing to say to someone who just raced her guts out just moments ago...")... I felt so depleted and didn't want my emotions coupled with sheer exhaustion to get the best of me. Dangerous combination, often with regrettable results. So, I took the high road & said, "Thanks for a great RACE." RRRR. Not my fault that the numbers were low, not my fault that it conflicted with another race... How about, "Thanks for coming out, thanks for supporting a local race..." I think I may take my son to see Fantastic Mr. Fox tonight...that will make me feel better, I'm sure.


Anthony S. said...

Are you out of your mind? You should have told him to go fuck himself.

Dirty Girl said...

Hey, there were only 4 guys in the elite race. So there. Onward to Reston and then to Bend!