Sunday, February 28, 2010

best. winter. ever

I sincerely mean that. Usually, by the time March arrives I am cranky & miserable...knee-deep in seasonal affective disorder, unending insomnia, a general state of constant bitchiness. With spring looming, I typically trudge through those first few weeks of March listless & tired of the cold, bleak days...wondering how to dress for a ride that starts out bitter & freezing, only to start sweating when the sun unexpectedly breaks loose upon hitting that first hill...
March is usually my nemesis...I've usually lost one expensive, toasty glove by now...I am usually down to one or two packs of chemical warmers...
Come March, my bike is caked in salt & grime (and the hose, inevitably frozen...cause I never learn).
This year, I'm happy to report my bike is pretty clean. Because it's been neglected, except for two rides outdoors this month. Two. I know the Bakers Dozen is on the (near) horizon, I know this is time to build base...I know hours spent on the trainer will serve me well a month from now when the snow is (hopefully) gone & the sun is shining. But, I want to play outside. So, that's what I've been doing. Hiking for hours, breaking trail in the woods, following prints, following blazes, or walking/trudging aimlessly in powder past my knees. Ice climbing until my forearms are screaming & my fingers are numb. Sledding to my heart's content, begging my son to take a break long enough for his gear to dry, then drinking cocoa, rosy-cheeked and utterly beat. I remember winters like this when I was a kid and I'm so glad my son finally gets to see what this is all about.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

wondertwin powers- DEACTIVATE!

I deactivated my facebook account... Maybe I'll return, but for now I need a clean break. I need to go back to life without status updates or posting photos of my every move (look what we made for dinner...check out my son's latest ninja, isn't my driveway a bitch for shoveling?)...I was beginning to feel like a narcissistic FB whore, with chores neglected and real life passing me by (and I wasn't even spending that much time on it, once the novelty wore off). Before FB, I still invited people to ride/hike/catch the New Kings at Spence/ring in the New Year/rifle through my son's outgrown clothing...I used my [cringe] phone or email. FB has made it really easy for this already socially inept single mom to avoid actual conversation and human interaction (slight exaggeration...but,). So, in the wake of my FB detox, I took my son on an impromptu overnight trip to Baltimore. I attacked the playroom, ruthlessly. I ate lots of veggies. I forgot to write a thank-you card to my former coworkers for the beautiful gerber daisies and the super-fun sendoff. I tried ice climbing again, for the third time this season, with much better results. I purchased inexpensive and meaningful birthday presents for two important February people in my life. Admittedly, all of the above accomplishments (or lack thereof) probably have little to do with the absence of a certain social network in my life, but...that's what I've been up to. So, is this really just a long winded status update?? rrrrrrr...all in good time, my friends. edit/update: Okay, so after a little more than a week, I actived my account again...I missed the updates and communication between family members that I never get to see...what I didn't miss was posting my own status updates and photos. I sort of weeded through my "friends" and kept my real-life friends, all family members, teammates, connections I've made through racing/riding and some old friends from school who I am happy to hear from, send the occasional message to...also, out of state friends I've otherwise lost touch with... who got the axe? Well, the bitch from high school that "friended" me then made me feel like an ass when I ran into her in "real life" at the mall (of all places) "It's me, Kim..." "Huh??" (staring at me, blankly) "Um, nevermind...have a great day..." (awkward awkward awkward) Bitter? Also, poachers who friended me from mutual friends...I don't know you, we've never's plain weird, okay? So, I've been able to temper my own FB abuse/misuse & I've discovered it's not all bad...I just need to control myself & put the damn clean clothes away...

Monday, February 22, 2010


I can hear everything outside turning icy tonight... good thing I am staying put. What made me happiest today was waking up with no agenda only responsibility was getting my son to school on time with a box of unopened cereal (cereal day, apparently). I can handle that. While 15 preschoolers got hopped up on all manner of artificially colored, high fructose corn syrup morning yummies (you should see the "cereal collaboration" he brought home in a baggie), I rode some favorite hills with BP... Good day to be on a bike. the roads are getting safer. the sun came out for a bit. After school, we did Shrinky Dinks (yes, they are still around and still entirely awesome) and made the entire house a certified disaster area in a matter of hours. Approaching 8pm, we are starting to fade. Next week is my first official week at the new job and I am excited. I am excited that I've shown my son that sometimes you have to take a chance & try something new, something you are passionate about, even if it's a little scary. Especially if it's a little scary.

Friday, February 19, 2010


My mom & I went snowshoeing while my son was at school this morning...
the lot on Skelp Level road isn't even plowed.
What did we see in the woods?
More prints than you can imagine...
mostly deer.
It was weird to have to pay attention to the blazes on the trees on trails I can normally navigate so effortlessly.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

making stuff...

onesies size 0-3months for a pregnant coworker
dinner (peppers, green beans, wild rice/grain mix)
I am so broke.
Being broke has forced me to be more creative, more resourceful.
As a result, I am eating healthier (and being less wasteful) and I am making cute gifts.
Go, me!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day

My friend Pirooz is making a movie...I haven't seen him in years (mainly because the band broke up, I don't live in Newark anymore, and he's been too busy travelling the world with his beautiful wife). This is his blog. My friend, Sara, is having a baby...she is one of my favorite people on the planet. I haven't seen her in a while because she moved to Indiana with her awesome husband, Travis. A road trip is imminent. This is her blog. (no race reports or photos of them on trainers)

Friday, February 12, 2010

"It's all"

Me:"What is Valentine's Day, anyway?" My son:"It's all" Duh. Being snowed in, really snowed in, for two solid days has been awesome. We made Valentines (with all manner of construction paper, stamps, magic markers, glue sticks, stickers...), had a taco party for two, played in the snow, baked cookies, watched movies, had cocoa by the fire, stayed up late...I'm kind of sad to see it go. It's been nice to blow off any sort of agenda or routine for a couple a weekend right in the middle of a week, unexpected and most welcome.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

life on Hoth

On a typical Wednesday on Planet Hoth, we:
make droids out of Playdoh
watch Scooby Doo
Shovel mountains of snow
Jump off retaining walls into mountains of snow
eat tacos
groom the Tauntauns
make Valentines for Leia, Han, and maybe even Yoda
pelt Grampy (BP) with snowballs
nap for several hours as the Hoth winds howl
avoid the trainer
avoid the Wampa
bake cookies
stay up really late

Sunday, February 7, 2010

make way for Yeti

Broke trail with my dad & Scott at Birdsboro this morning all in the name of ice...
Snow was hip-high in some spots.
There is something magical about being the first ones out there since the (ridiculous) snowfall.
Although climbing was a fail for me today (a bit over my head, ability-wise), I call this day a win.

Friday, February 5, 2010


While my son was at school, I got my kicks riding around Dtown with my dad before the storm hits...if the forecasts are true, no trails any time soon. Makes sense because I was just getting my technical mojo back...beginning to feel like I can ride a mountain bike well. Beginning to feel like my lines are purposeful, like it's not by accident when I clear something a little tricky. Sigh. I say it often, I will say it again...I love my not-quite-but-pretty-damn-close-to-backyard trails. After school, we hit the mall... We don't frequent the mall, but my son was craving some "mall chicken" (aka Chik-fil-a) & I was in need of a new phone. Not only did I score a free phone, but also a pair of super-cute SEVEN DOLLAR shoes (cinnamon suede mocs with cream top-stitching...on sale, duh). Now the snow is falling. I have a stack of firewood (that I poached from my neighbor's parents are my neighbors). I have the big box of Swiss Miss and a bag of mini-marshmallows. I have a badass shovel and a ridiculously steep driveway. I have a sled...a real sled! I do not have snow gear, but I am sure Endura tights will be just fine. I am heeding my mom's advice and charging my lights...not for a night ride, but for some night sledding! My mom is full of great ideas.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

snow day/sick day

Wednesday is usually my ride day, but school was cancelled & I am sick... we are having a Scooby Doo Marathon instead.