Sunday, February 28, 2010

best. winter. ever

I sincerely mean that. Usually, by the time March arrives I am cranky & miserable...knee-deep in seasonal affective disorder, unending insomnia, a general state of constant bitchiness. With spring looming, I typically trudge through those first few weeks of March listless & tired of the cold, bleak days...wondering how to dress for a ride that starts out bitter & freezing, only to start sweating when the sun unexpectedly breaks loose upon hitting that first hill...
March is usually my nemesis...I've usually lost one expensive, toasty glove by now...I am usually down to one or two packs of chemical warmers...
Come March, my bike is caked in salt & grime (and the hose, inevitably frozen...cause I never learn).
This year, I'm happy to report my bike is pretty clean. Because it's been neglected, except for two rides outdoors this month. Two. I know the Bakers Dozen is on the (near) horizon, I know this is time to build base...I know hours spent on the trainer will serve me well a month from now when the snow is (hopefully) gone & the sun is shining. But, I want to play outside. So, that's what I've been doing. Hiking for hours, breaking trail in the woods, following prints, following blazes, or walking/trudging aimlessly in powder past my knees. Ice climbing until my forearms are screaming & my fingers are numb. Sledding to my heart's content, begging my son to take a break long enough for his gear to dry, then drinking cocoa, rosy-cheeked and utterly beat. I remember winters like this when I was a kid and I'm so glad my son finally gets to see what this is all about.

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