Friday, February 5, 2010


While my son was at school, I got my kicks riding around Dtown with my dad before the storm hits...if the forecasts are true, no trails any time soon. Makes sense because I was just getting my technical mojo back...beginning to feel like I can ride a mountain bike well. Beginning to feel like my lines are purposeful, like it's not by accident when I clear something a little tricky. Sigh. I say it often, I will say it again...I love my not-quite-but-pretty-damn-close-to-backyard trails. After school, we hit the mall... We don't frequent the mall, but my son was craving some "mall chicken" (aka Chik-fil-a) & I was in need of a new phone. Not only did I score a free phone, but also a pair of super-cute SEVEN DOLLAR shoes (cinnamon suede mocs with cream top-stitching...on sale, duh). Now the snow is falling. I have a stack of firewood (that I poached from my neighbor's parents are my neighbors). I have the big box of Swiss Miss and a bag of mini-marshmallows. I have a badass shovel and a ridiculously steep driveway. I have a sled...a real sled! I do not have snow gear, but I am sure Endura tights will be just fine. I am heeding my mom's advice and charging my lights...not for a night ride, but for some night sledding! My mom is full of great ideas.

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Anthony S. said...

Your driveway certainly is amazing.