Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(it's not my birthday)

Tonight, my friend Sara took me out to dinner for my birthday (it's not my birthday)... Next week I'll be 35. What do I want for my birthday? I want to go camping. I want to be worry-free for a while. I'd like a proper birthday cake (if someone made it for me, even better). that's not even where I was going with this post...rrrrrrrrrr... Sara. Sara has the cutest little baby bump...my guess/instinct is that she's having a girl. I wish she lived closer so I could be around for this hugely momentous & exciting time in their lives... I knew I was having a boy. Deep down inside, I just absolutely knew. On the way to the hospital, the sun barely rising yet, I said, "Um, maybe we should think of a girl name..." (I was set on the boy name pretty much from the second of five positive pregnancy tests...yes, five) One contraction later, sitting at the longest red light in the history of my life, I thought, "Nah. Don't even need to." that's not even where I was going with this post... Where was I going? I don't know. I'm drained. I'm beat. I'm kinda sick of paint fumes. It was snowing today. New shop opens in two days. Can you tell I'm a little frazzled?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

good shi*ty ride

you know you have the good shitty ride every once in a great while. the good shitty ride is a rare gem, indeed, because it straddles a fine line between the utterly unenjoyable ride and the redemption ride (a separate post, someday, for sure). so, today's good shitty ride took place at French Creek following a weekend of late nights/too much alcohol (more than two drinks for me, apparently)/poor sleep/questionable judgement/irritating decisions/awesome times/fantastic homemade pizza... Dehydrated & underslept, I dressed poorly and hastily for the cold (and damn, it was cold). My fork needs some attention, my tires were too low, some lube on the chain would have been helpful...blah blah blah. Pretty much from the first pedal stroke, I was groaning inside. It didn't take long to declare, "I am working entirely too hard to be moving this slowly." After being told I looked pale at the top of the orange climb & opting for the longer (thus, more painful) route back, I decided to give in. I'm outside...I am burning off the evils of the weekend...I am with my dad & my good friend...I'm still going, in spite of every reason not to this morning... If I want to get off for this stupid water bar, I will... If I don't feel like heaving myself over this silly log, I won't... If I want to spin in my granny gear up this sweet switchback, I can... If they have to wait for me before the last turn, oh, well... And all three of us were in the exact same boat. Which made for more than a few laughs and a good shitty ride.

Friday, March 26, 2010

thirteen hours

a while back, someone thought it would be a good idea for me to take part in a 13 hour mountain bike race (as part of a 3 man team...er, 2 men/1 woman)... I concur. Good idea, indeed. 3 weeks from now, ask me if I still feel the same as I scramble to get my stuff together & squash the ensuing anxiety. No pressure, other than world domination. It's been a while since I did a mountain bike race. I'm excited. It's been a while since I've been around my tribe/my bike people/my teammates. I'm excited. The last mountain bike race for me was French Creek last summer, following that whole mono thing. I don't have mono, so I am pretty freaking excited. some pretty great things in store for the weekend...I am in a good mood.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Don't Like Talking on the Phone...

Even though I didn't sign up to provide an Easter treat for my son's party at school tomorrow, he wanted to bring something to share with his friends. (he doesn't know I signed up to bring a secret take-home treat from the "bunny") So, we stopped at Giant on the way home & grabbed our old favorite, Easter themed break-n-bakes. I ruined the break-n-bakes. I set the timer (on my broke-ass oven) for nine hours instead of nine minutes. And checked my e-mail, switched out laundry, played Ben Ten (I'm always Gwen...it's pretty much go-about-our-regular-business, but my kid is "Ben" and I get to be "Gwen"...as in, "Gwen, what's for dinner? Gwen, can we get a pizza? Gwen, are the cookies ready?") Shit! The cookies... (like 18 minutes in)... I ruined break-n-bakes. Then, I had to go down to the basement and turn off the breaker to my broke-ass Kitchenaid oven. I'm ready for the weekend...whatever it brings.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I don't have anything interesting to say... this weather's got me delirious. just so happy. rain comes back tomorrow, so I'll be bitch on wheels (as my grandmother used to say, not necessarily just about me) again. Showed Ali & Mark around FC this morning...such a great ride, such a great day. Muddy in all the right places and hot as hell for late March. I want to go sit outside somewhere for dinner and enjoy a cold beer...and by outside I do not mean my backyard. The nicer the weather, the shittier my yard looks. (grins)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

all better

and just like that, the rain stopped...the snow is gone... I feel better. I just tore through an amazing book, Healing Hearts- A Memoir of a Female Heart Surgeon by Kathy Magliato MD. I feel better.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

what bike?

too sick to ride (too rainy to ride, in my opinion, this time around)... too sick to vacuum the Goldfish crumbs my son left behind on Friday or empty the dishwasher or make my bed or make another cup of tea or eat something...there's nothing to eat unless I make something to eat, but I felt to crappy to go grocery shopping and I have no appetite anyway...Theraflu is gross, but Gorman was right...it made me feel a little bit better. My nose is red and there is one tissue left in the box...my son comes home in an hour, I need to get it together...I am complaining. I am full of complaints. I only lasted three hours at work yesterday. I can't afford to only work three hours. I don't have sick days (yet?)...it's not good to be missing work two weeks into it, right? I have spent all day watching baaaad reality tv, texting, blowing my nose, shivering, drinking tea, sleeping, complaining, facebooking (hey, don't judge...my most recent FB foray reunited me with my awesome cousin Bridget, who is hands down the funniest person I have ever met...ever), complaining, complaining, complaining. the baaaad reality tv: America's Next Top Model, the Millionaire Matchmaker, and the Real Housewives of Orange County. So bad it's good...especially when zonked out on all manner of cold medicine. So, another weekend not on, or anywhere near, a bike...who the eff cares? It's not like I'm doing a race anytime soon. oh, crap...I'm doing a race pretty soon.

Friday, March 12, 2010

what a week

90 minutes on the road two days ago nearly did me in... wow, that's disappointing. What else is disappointing? Mean people. It's Friday...let's party.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Green Flash & a Bubble Bath

This was the kind of day that begged for a favorite beer & a super-hot bubble bath, right around the time the sun goes down. It is Monday, after all. Old/New Shop is coming back to life...heavy lifting, moving, ripping, organizing, shuffling, scraping...all day long. New/New Shop is coming to life...bringing lots of Beans Flavor to the space with plenty of orange paint and elbow grease. Was I really an orthodontic assistant a few weeks ago? Seems like another life already. My son lost his first tooth. "Mom, I like, scraped my loose tooth with my toothbrush...like, just one time, and I noticed this weird feeling in my mouth and I was like- MY TOOTH!!" Five year-olds are awesome. I've had Mellow Mood in my head all day and I am not complaining...open up your heart, open up your heart...mellow mood has got me... Raise your hand if you have Spring Fever.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm not kidding, I love to paint...I love cutting in & masking & rolling out paint...I love painting a room...I've been painting the old/new shop & tomorrow we begin prep on the new/new shop. Jeans & sneakers. Great (loud) music. Hong garden for lunch. Getting gross & dirty. Getting paid for this. I like my new/old job...good to back. As for my other labor story, it happened five years ago...I'd be happy to share that with you, too as that was well before Hardtales/Crossy... it lasted 7 hours beginning to end, it was pretty horrendous/miraculous. Lots of my friends are preggers...been thinking about my own experience in the wake of all the babyness...and, no, I don't have baby envy. One and done, my friends...one & done.