Sunday, April 4, 2010

daffodils (proof)

ater work yesterday, I busted out a few laps at downingtown. daffodils & buttercups everywhere. it's one of my favorite things about the first few (real) weeks of spring...every year, the same spots on pieces of my favorite trails there offer proof that yes, indeed, spring has sprung. there must have been half a dozen families hiking and riding in the woods yesterday early evening...nice. today is Easter. right about now, I imagine my son is discovering a pretty hefty basket filled with yellow chick peeps, smarties, jelly beans, a giant chocolate bunny, and some goofy toys...I'll encourage him to enjoy all the candy at his dad's. Easter dinner will be a big, casual grill-fest at my parents...hop devils, burgers, ribs, friends & family, kids running wild. Maybe even fireworks. Times have changed since grandmom and GG's passing, but the new traditions are good. Like fireworks on pretty much every holiday...just because. (way more exciting than lamb-shaped butter)

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