Monday, May 31, 2010

moving along...

haven't been in much of a blogging mood... there's nothing interesting to report (unless you want to hear about the awesome ride we did at French Creek yesterday, or my son's preschool graduation, or that I chopped my hair off...) okay, in that order: Awesome ride at French Creek yesterday... can't even describe it, not sure why it was so awesome, but I'm sure it had something to do with the company. And the greasy, swampy comditions, which were actually fun for a change. Preschool Graduation. there is such a thing. I did not expect to get the least bit emotional, but it turns out parenthood has made me kinda soft...we celebrated with a kickass party last night complete with fireworks, New Haven pizza, and antics too many to name. Haircut... So, I'm just not made for long hair...two years into growing it out, I just cut it super-short. If I had amazing hair, then I'm sure I could tolerate the length, but in truth, I just don't. I have pretty good hair...but, it's uncomfortable when I ride & takes too long to make it look any semblance of pretty... Short hair...I feel like myself again. pretty exciting post...can you handle this kind of excitement? If not, I may have some kind of race report next weekend. Word on the street says Kim is itching to race her mountain bike after all...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dirt Fest 2010

bumped into some of the cool kids
we don't mess around
um, we kinda mess around...
good group
mid-monsoon (bad music, no reggae, bad beer, all smiles anyway)
post-Civic move, making the bus driver's day (I think)
Finally rode the mythic Allegrippis trails...everything you've heard is probably true.
The trail system is wisely engineered & perma-grin inducing...
We camped, we rode, we ate amazing food & enjoyed great beer, we laughed our asses off, we stayed mostly was ridiculously fun.
awesome weekend with awesome people.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

pudding pie

Had one of my most enjoyable road rides ever this morning...nothing spectacular about the weather or the bike or my legs, but we nailed a perfect loop without even trying & it was just... fun. New LCD Soundsystem (This is Happening) came out this week and it's awesome...I love it when one of my favorite bands keeps getting better & better. (duh) Every track, beginning to end, kicks ass. It's the answer to my Passion Pit (Manners) problem...I've had a hard time listening to much else lately because it's pretty much the perfect soundtrack to spring time. I had also rediscovered my Bon Iver affliction...the whole hopelessly hopeful romantic thing...jesus. Still, LCD Soundsystem reigns supreme & I will be one happy girl if I make it to NYC to experience them live this summer (fingers crossed). had dinner with my cousin & our kids tonight...she made "The Raviolis We Eat When Kimmy Comes Over For Dinner" and they were wonderful as always. Every couple months, I'll text her: "Jonesin for those ravs" to which she responds, "When is good for you?" It's that easy... for dessert, I made a rockin pudding simple, so yummy. I am so ready to get away...

Sunday, May 16, 2010


during today's ride, my camera fell out of my pocket. I totally forgot...years ago, Hazel must have sniffed out a Gu packet in my jersey & went to town on the pocket, leaving a camera-sized hole, apparently. Hazel was the best trail dog. Ever. (I recovered the camera, only to completely submerge it in a huge mud puddle maybe 90 minutes later...the doubletrack zone-out got the best of me and I bit it wholeheartedly in a nasty little rut...damn!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I haven't felt this slow & sluggish on a bike since...ever. I think I had more energy when I was 5 months pregnant or in the throes of mono. Seriously. What's the deal? Can you believe yesterday I tried my first pear? I liked it. My surprise-Friday-off was spent riding, shopping, and acting like I was cutting school (which I never even did...because bagging homeroom doesn't count)...a Delirium outside in the sunshine on a Friday afternoon in the middle of West Chester with someone special...a walk in the park (literally). The storm clouds rolled in (fiercely & briefly), a nap happened, followed by great Thai food & a kickass blues trio... Today was kinda windy, the hills were steep & plenty... I feel slow, but I keep on riding.

Monday, May 10, 2010


terrible pizza + hungry (fast) racers= almost fail, but not quite sea salt + brownies= win, always middle run/white clay + 29er= some pretty tasty kool aid after all (although, maybe a tad sweeter with gears for this wannabe) chaos/noise + burgers (- real buns per my dad, wtf?) + Stone Ruination + good (no, great) company + fireworks (errr, firecrackers?) = a mother's day worth remembering I am short & bad at math...I love my mom, but I blame the nicotine & god know what else was going on at the tail end of 1974. What a great weekend, what a fantastic mother's day. My kid drew a picture of a roller coaster & a Ferris wheel incorporating the letters of his first name...I remember doing that exact same thing when I was little. We've been going magic-marker crazy lately & I love it. I treated myself to a new (old) bike for mother's day...I think I've earned it. Someone told me the perfect number of bikes to own is however many you have + one.

Monday, May 3, 2010

the best

My son is always especially chatty on Sunday night at bed time...I guess it's because we've been apart for the weekend & it's time to catch up. As I softly scooted off his bed, convinced he was fast asleep, he patted my arm & thanked me for being the best mom. And promptly passed out. He's almost five and a half...he keeps me in check & he's pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me. After several weeks (or more) of working the most hours I've ever logged since becoming a mom, running non-stop here-there-and-five-places-in-between, and barely catching my breath, it was sweet to hear a completely unsolicited sentiment of gratitude. Even after a double shot of BP's "espresso", I slept like a baby last night (the kind of baby who doesn't wake up for feeding all night long, the kind of baby who doesn't stir when there's a thunderstorm)...been thinking about adventures & vacation, sincerely hoping something materializes before the spring/summer passes me by in a blur. oh... the stinkbugs are taking advantage of my complacency. they were blatantly making out in the hallway this morning. get a room. I know this blog is interchangeably called hardtales/crossy depending on my mood (which is neither, it would seem, these days)... yeah, yeah...I know. I'm not racing. I missed Granogue. It kinda bums me out and I'd like to get a little faster. I'd like to want to race mountain bikes again someday. Still, I can't help putting on a show for the poor bastard with a t-shirt & flat pedals struggling to walk his bike up the loose rocky climb the other morning...why am I compelled to do that?? It'd kinda jerky. Even when I smile & chirp, "good morning!" as he eats my pitiful dust. What is that??