Monday, May 10, 2010


terrible pizza + hungry (fast) racers= almost fail, but not quite sea salt + brownies= win, always middle run/white clay + 29er= some pretty tasty kool aid after all (although, maybe a tad sweeter with gears for this wannabe) chaos/noise + burgers (- real buns per my dad, wtf?) + Stone Ruination + good (no, great) company + fireworks (errr, firecrackers?) = a mother's day worth remembering I am short & bad at math...I love my mom, but I blame the nicotine & god know what else was going on at the tail end of 1974. What a great weekend, what a fantastic mother's day. My kid drew a picture of a roller coaster & a Ferris wheel incorporating the letters of his first name...I remember doing that exact same thing when I was little. We've been going magic-marker crazy lately & I love it. I treated myself to a new (old) bike for mother's day...I think I've earned it. Someone told me the perfect number of bikes to own is however many you have + one.

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zenbicyclist said...

How 'bout posting picture of said new old bike?