Wednesday, May 19, 2010

pudding pie

Had one of my most enjoyable road rides ever this morning...nothing spectacular about the weather or the bike or my legs, but we nailed a perfect loop without even trying & it was just... fun. New LCD Soundsystem (This is Happening) came out this week and it's awesome...I love it when one of my favorite bands keeps getting better & better. (duh) Every track, beginning to end, kicks ass. It's the answer to my Passion Pit (Manners) problem...I've had a hard time listening to much else lately because it's pretty much the perfect soundtrack to spring time. I had also rediscovered my Bon Iver affliction...the whole hopelessly hopeful romantic thing...jesus. Still, LCD Soundsystem reigns supreme & I will be one happy girl if I make it to NYC to experience them live this summer (fingers crossed). had dinner with my cousin & our kids tonight...she made "The Raviolis We Eat When Kimmy Comes Over For Dinner" and they were wonderful as always. Every couple months, I'll text her: "Jonesin for those ravs" to which she responds, "When is good for you?" It's that easy... for dessert, I made a rockin pudding simple, so yummy. I am so ready to get away...

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