Monday, June 28, 2010

ninety four degrees

made a mad dash to the farm. I am a fool for love, apparently. made a mad dash back home to ride my bike before the big bash at TJ & Mary's... sold my passion pit tickets after all that hemming & hawing, so I did not have to make a mad dash to the Mann after five hours in the sun, reuniting with dozens of cousins... what a weekend. I love summertime. oh my god, you guys...the wreckage from the storm last thursday is brutal. South Campus was unrideable (don't even ask...I know, I know...why even bother? new toy, weird morning is my best explanation. plus, I thought dtown would just break my heart)

Friday, June 25, 2010

never a good idea

Running... never a good idea unless I am shouldering a bike. (a very light, very nimble bike, as a matter of fact) Pressed for time, I hit the pavement after work this evening... it was terrible and for the first time (ever? except maybe senior year gym class/fitness test), I just didn't see it through. I am looking forward to a very generous pour of whatever Pinot Noir Teca has to offer in about sixty minutes anyway... cheers!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010


I don't feel like blogging... I feel like riding my bike, having adventures with my son, catching up with my friends, and spending time with my boyfriend... I feel like grilling jerk chicken and drinking a cold Golden Monkey and opening the windows and washing my car and wearing a sundress and hurrying to the beach and catching a killer fireworks display and seeing my favorite bands live (outdoors, even better) and making the messiest S'Mores and sitting outside at Teca on a hot night and walking to the park with an ice cream cone from Scoops and buying more unneccessary pairs of flip-flops and enjoying short hair on a humid ride and dipping my toes into the Brandywine and... not blogging (too much) about it. pictures for sure, though.

Friday, June 11, 2010

unlike my couch...

Sara is back in town for her baby shower. She may be into her third trimester, but that girl can still hang. We rocked some quizzo action at our old haunt last night with yet another permutation of the team... Thursday night trivia had been an almost weekly guilty pleasure for nearly two years, with Sara at the helm with pen in hand. Trivia gave way to other antics & adventures, leading to one of my most cherished friendships in my adult life (probably because we often behave like obnoxious teenagers in each other's company). Sara once showed up at my house on Halloween to play Cranium as Medusa. A whole head full of rubber snakes and braids and elaborate make-up. To play Cranium with a few friends. I love her. Last night, surrounded by my friends, it struck me: things are a little but different now... there is a baby on the way, an art teacher, short haircuts all around, and two new boyfriends. Although the dynamic has changed a little bit, we still recognize really horrendous songs from the eighties (Quarterflash, really??), fumble over (almost) all things Sports-related & laugh at the same sh*t. Sara looks amazing with her adorable baby bump & Travis just looks happy and married and nearly ready to be a dad...they are going to be fun parents & their daughter (!) is sure to have a wicked sense of humor. Can't wait to meet little Sylvie.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Iron Hill Endurance (totally a race report)

I loved racing my mountain bike yesterday... I suffered & cramped & crashed (thank you, jerk off sport rider for calling your line & proceeding to plow into mine, only to take us both were kinda heavy & awkward when you heaved yourself & your bike onto me...just sayin) & had moments of "wtf?!"... but, I felt like I knew what I was doing out there... I felt strong & I wanted to crush it (you know, in whatever capacity one can crush it upon deciding mid-season to casually jump into a four hour mountain bike race)... My attitude going into this race was far less cavalier than going into Fair Hill (ugh...)... I've been able to ride more lately, I've been feeling good... I felt like mixing it up yesterday, I felt like being competitive... I didn't want to just ride, you know? As for the course... wow. Somehow, a place I've raced for years seemed fresh again. The course was challenging with lots of tight corners & decent climbs...good stuff, indeed. Really enjoyed myself out there, really enjoyed seeing everybody & doing my thing. the humidity broke & I turned off the AC last night... slept incredibly well & feeling pretty good this morning. Seven Springs is a strong possibility (how can I say no to Wendy??)