Monday, June 21, 2010


I don't feel like blogging... I feel like riding my bike, having adventures with my son, catching up with my friends, and spending time with my boyfriend... I feel like grilling jerk chicken and drinking a cold Golden Monkey and opening the windows and washing my car and wearing a sundress and hurrying to the beach and catching a killer fireworks display and seeing my favorite bands live (outdoors, even better) and making the messiest S'Mores and sitting outside at Teca on a hot night and walking to the park with an ice cream cone from Scoops and buying more unneccessary pairs of flip-flops and enjoying short hair on a humid ride and dipping my toes into the Brandywine and... not blogging (too much) about it. pictures for sure, though.


megA said...


oh you sexxxy momma!!

one day we will meet on bikes!


Kim said...

see you at the Darkhorse, woman!

megA said...

NO WAY!!!!!!!!

What a treat!!!

I will be suffering, and maybe crying and whimpering. I've never ridden 40 miles on a mt bike. . .