Tuesday, July 27, 2010

so soon

armed with a red sharpie, I marked all the cross races on the calendar at work today. October is packed. Delighted.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


watching the tour (it's on all day long at work) riding my road bike more than any other bike lusting over a potential custom steel 29er with a vintage paint scheme circa early 80s "Pinwheel" moving on in a big way getting rid of lots of stuff zeroing in on Sept 11 2010 (first cx race of the season) wasting energy by keeping the front door open to let light in with the AC on full blast during yet another heat wave (or should we just call it July?) listening to Bon Iver like it's my job (in the car, alone) getting my son psyched up for kindergarten trying new stuff (cherries- yum!) perfecting iced tea at home daydreaming about all kinds of crazy sh*t

Sunday, July 18, 2010

twilight crit '10

My son finished his race...man, he was a nervous wreck.
"Look, just have fun and keep pedaling, okay? You can do this..."
Why must they grow up so fast, huh?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

not so much

pouring rain kept me in bed & off the bike this morning... tonight is the crit (rain or shine, I hear)...should make for some interesting spectating. My plan was to race Sewell tomorrow... I had this notion of reclaiming my ill-fated XC glory from two years ago when I left that course on a backboard (dramatic exit, yes)... I had this notion of showing that swoopy fast course who's boss (not me, certainly, but a girl can dream). I'm bowing out...tomorrow is Sunday, a day off...a much needed day off to do anything or nothing at all after a long week. Mostly, I was looking forward to lining up with Monkey...I miss racing with her & was thrilled to learn we'd be duking it out again in the dirt...recently, we talked about the fabled good old days in the MASS when we'd size each other up. Funny how things turn out, funny how we make friends as "grownups", right? I want to rip your legs off for the next hour and a half...wow, your hair looks cute! Want to come to my party?? the season's not over, though...maybe Fair Hill??