Thursday, August 5, 2010

august fifth

We are watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"... my son is marveling at the aesthetic of this particular cartoon ("I love how they mixed up the colored pencil marks & magic marker style.") Oh, excuse me. Most of the newer kid stuff leaves me dizzy & nauseated (have you seen Lazy Town or Wow Wow Wubzy??)... I'm glad he can appreciate the classics (even if Halloween is months away). After being apart for three days, he came home looking like an even bigger kid. Again. Kindergarten starts soon. School bus. Backpack. Epi-pen. Ten years ago today I got married. We now share a great kid. We stayed together for seven years as husband & wife... Eighty degrees, zero humidity, blue skies...August 5, 2000. When the car pulled up to St. Agnes church, the girls got out & my dad asked if I wanted to go around the block again. I sure did. That's not a dig against my ex... It was just me being twenty-five and not sure what else to do at that given moment. So, once again, August 5th has come and (almost) gone with no fanfare whatsoever. as it should. as for the upcoming race this weekend... haven't been on a bike since the Darkhorse. the trainer doesn't count. I meant to spin out the junk in my legs & relieve this terrible cramp in my right calf. I found myself doing intervals because I was bored out of my skull. I hate that thing. Still, I want to race my bike.

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