Wednesday, October 27, 2010

short sleeves, late October

Pressed for time, we rode our cross bikes over to downingtown late yesterday afternoon... One of the upper loops is perfect for a decent cross workout, but I just wanted to enjoy the unusually warm day & ride for f-u-n... "Let's just do our normal thing, but we'll get off the bikes when we have to." But, we didn't have to. I definitely had that sense of so-wrong-but-oh-so-right...riding the bike kinda gingerly... everything felt kinda exposed & fragile (even though I know that's not really the case). F-u-n, indeed. I am skipping Beacon this year. I need to work & I need waaaay more fitness than I have right now to successfully hang in there on a course like Beacon. This time last year, I didn't know what to do with myself if there was only one (let alone zero) races during any given weekend. I was obsessed/possessed by racing racing racing training training training cross cross cross... I was also a lot more confident with regards to self-image...skinny jeans were on constant rotation. But, I also didn't have a life. I want to be fast & fit again, and I will be... A text from my boss (really??) yesterday told me to stay home, take the day off because things are slow... Yep, there's that. I'm spending more time at home than at work (thus, the bonus ride on a Tuesday) lately and I like it. I like being the one to get my son ready for school & having time to put together a nice dinner.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

power waffle

So, I was called out a while ago for referring to my friend and coworker as merely my coworker. He's 15 & I suppose we are friends in that totally-non-creepy-20-years-younger-than-me way. We have the shop & cross in common, as well as a penchant for power waffles & coconut water. He's a good kid (sorry, Julz, but you are a kid) & his parents rock. Saturday, he offered to pit for me (completely unsolicited) because he had to hang around for his teammates in the elite race anyway. Last year, as a junior on course the same time as the B women, he outsprinted me at the Mercer (Mud) Cup...he slayed me, memorably, at the line. Bastard. Sunday, I watched him race the killer B's...he's on a nice, light bike that fits & rode a very spirited & confident race. He's rubbing elbows with that freaking Swiss Cheese this year as part of the Philadelphia School of Cyclocross team. His skinsuit is still baggy as hell, though.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

granogue 2010

Granogue was spooky & cold Saturday morning. Settling into my post at registration for the morning, I was determined to enjoy the moment, enjoy the experience. I didn't have time to be nervous about racing. On paper, my race was nothing to brag about, that's for damn sure... but, I felt strong & finished without puking (unlike Charm City). No self-loathing yesterday, no excuses, no regret. As I bungled through sand on lap 2, I said/gasped to Anthony, "but, I'm having fun..." You know what's funny? After making a few passes, taking some chances, thinking I was making some badass moves, I said to FM, "Do I have at least a little gap on anybody??" Beth Mason was hot on my heels, but the other women were nowhere to be seen. "Oh, yeah, Dubeck, you've got a solid gap..." Awesome, I'm racing. No. They had dropped out. There was no gap. Riiiiight. Still, so much fun. So much fun trying to ride that course really well. Saturday night was spent with friends & out-of-towners...there was pasta & burnt bread & a few beers & a rammy (but, polite) puppy & good conversation & maybe just a little eye-rolling ...there was exhaustion & bleary eyes & a warm fire...there was good company & a good night's sleep. Sunday found me back at the registration table (for some reason, I like working a weird way, it helps me relax). Between races, I had time to ride 4 solid laps & acquaint myself with the course's awesome changes. Real life got in the way around 12:50pm. I bailed... I ended up not racing. It was definitely the right call & I am not going to beat myself up about missing out. I am certainly not done for the season... cheers.

Friday, October 15, 2010

windy windy windy

Yesterday, the shop was cozy & was pouring & cold outside. I bailed early because I felt like hanging out with my son & my man. Granogue is tomorrow & Sunday... I've decided to throw in the towel for the season if I don't have fun racing/suffering/potentially sucking this weekend. It's all good... We bought a french press for our Vermont trip (and since then, have discovered 2 other french presses in our possession...oops). My new favorite thing is making coffee at home. I am not really a coffee day typically begins & ends with tea. Coffee is my new thing in the morning... and if it's by the fire in the morning, I'm in even less of a hurry to leave home. Kids, it's gonna be super-windy this weekend...I better get & stay in a little group.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It's hard to get much done lately... being distracted hasn't been this much fun (or cute) in a while. Man, she's a good pup.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I love listening to the Kills on a sunny Sunday with the windows down

What a lazy weekend. Rode my (mountain) bike, hung out, wore my boots, walked the dog... I was at a party yesterday and people were talking about racing cross. Oddly, I wasn't even tempted to chime in. I've been told I didn't get where I am by being slow... I know. But, one can't exactly race Cat 1/2 (successfully) by getting on a bike maybe twice a week (one of them being a race, ha). Not this girl, at least. And that is not me making excuses... That is me saying: Have some fun, instead...whatever that means. (and, perhaps, try to get on the bike more than twice a week) Kindergarten is weird in 2010. Some of things that come home, some of the communication from the teacher and homeroom mom leave me baffled... BP is making farro tonight. My mom quit smoking...I hope it sticks this time. Sara is coming back for Halloween, which means I finally get to meet little Sylvie. I have to find a hot little party dress for a wedding in a few weeks (which means I am missing Zach's race, which was super-fun & snowy last year). The trails are difficult to see midday because of the leaves & the way the sun shines in the woods. Once, I got knocked out by a frisbee to the neck. It was brutal, scary, embarrassing. My backyard is in a pitiful state right now...broken water guns, cobwebs, weeds, leaves, an almost empty bag of charcoal. And that is all the excitement I wish to share on this lazy Sunday.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

friday off

I took the weekend, a three day weekend, off... yesterday I had an excellent ride with my dad at downingtown. He told my BF that I beat him up on the trails, which is always a welcome feather in my cap. Last night my son stayed home (unusual for a Friday, typically with his dad) & we invited Beth over for make-your-own-pizza night (complete with Duck Rabbit beer & homemade oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies). We wrapped up the night falling asleep by the fire... Fridays off are awesome. I want them back permanently, please.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

hillbilly hustle

Got bumped at the start (but, didn't go down), made some tricky passes in the pines (my shoulder will thank me later, for sure), sailed through the mud, and finished 10th. Anne Rock was on my wheel. that's all I'm gonna say about that, Anne Rock-race-of-your-life. seriously, I had a great race. I had a great race because I kept my head up (even though I am told by lap 4, I was displaying the want-to-punch-somebody-in-the-face demeanor) and just. kept. going. the pup behaved angelically (we will surely pay for this...I know how this goes). I played hard in the mud on my bike and chased a lot of ridiculously fast & talented women (hello, BadKat)... Somebody suggested goals should be thrown out in the midst of what's been going on...yep, I agree. Wherever I end up is really inconsequential...points are nothing this year (unless I am, of course, contributing to the Greater Good aka the Dark Side), so I may as well enjoy it. DFL or not. I still like it. I still love it. I still want some more.