Thursday, December 30, 2010

all mr. wizard & sh*t

I've been on vacation... haven't done much riding. We did get out in the snow, wrapped up our ride as the flakes became steady & thick... Since then, lots of lazing around the house... fattening up on cookies & pistachio fudge & Beth's chocolate toffee danger candy & peppermint bark... Experimenting with volcanoes in the kitchen... getting reacquainted with Super Mario Bros... stocking up on bottled cheer for some NYE revelry... it's been a crazy year. I'm excited & happy & thankful for all that 2010 has shown me, but I am ready to see what 2011 will bring. cheers!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"making christmas, making christmas..."

Our tree is out of control.
I love it.
Alone in the house tonight, I wrapped presents & wrote some quick notes to friends...
I dreamed up New Years Eve cocktails & pondered jeans or party dress.
Party dress for sure.
I listened to the Nutcracker and drank jasmine tea.
Yesterday, I worked back at the old office (the one I left for the bike shop endeavor)...without getting all "full circle" or "the grass isn't always greener," I will say I have never been so grateful to have a pleasant & energetic work environment.
I was met with such a sincerely warm reception upon my return that I sailed through the day taking so much pride in every little procedure I completed...
To say I'm thankful to have my job back is an understatement.
When I left nine months ago, my personal life was such sh* was hard for me to find joy in pretty much anything for a while, let alone have any kind of passion or vigor for being an orthodontic assistant.
Presented with the chance to help grow an independent bike shop in my own little town from the ground up gave me something to be excited shook me out of my rut, but ultimately fell flat.
Once all the (gallons & gallons) orange paint dried & the fixtures were built & the shiny bikes assembled, I realized retail (and lots of completely ridiculous drama) is not for me.
I also realized I was spending way more time selling (or not selling, as it were, in this economy) bikes than riding them.
Sure, rolling into work at ten AM was pretty sweet, but coming home after dark and trying to sit down for a real family dinner was more than trying.
And tiring.
My rides were whittled down to the occasional 14 mile roundtrip commute & a solid Wednesday ride. Saturdays were spent working and Sunday found me feeling obligated to get on my bike when all I really wanted to do was veg.
Needless to say, my cross season was a joke and my Cat 2 upgrade was a huge waste of money & aggravation.
The rut I was in nine months ago was nothing compared to the disdain & regret that I was feeling about my so-called bold new LBS endeavor.
After polishing my resume & searching for options, I landed a job at an orthodontic practice.
There were red flags immediately.
It was a bad fit in soooo many ways.
Trying to make the best of it, trying to find a silver lining, trying madly not to kick myself for leaving a pretty sweet gig in the first place, I slogged along...
In four short weeks, I gained the confidence of my superiors & coworkers...I was given more independence & tricky procedures.
Except, I hated it.
Hated hated.
Monday found me answering a completely unexpected voicemail.
Tuesday I was back in the fold, back where I had been wishing, seriously wishing, I could be.
Being an orthodontic assistant is weird.
It started out as a whim, as a means to an end, as an escape hatch, as a backup plan, as a way to not be employed forever as Miss Kim, underpaid preschool teacher...
The thing is, I had no idea how much I like teeth & stainless steel wires & shiny little brackets & glass ionomers & acidic solutions & pliers & gauze squares & scalers...
It's a very cool, I get to be a part of a team that's responsible for giving people healthy, great smiles.
That does sound corny, but it's so true...I get a kick out of that.
So, yeah,
that's my full-circle story...
That's the scoop and it's a pretty fantastic Christmas present.
(plus, I am on vacation for the entire next week...I get to be home with my family during these holidays)
I am just brimming with happiness at the moment.
So not where I was nine months ago, or this time last year.
thanks for reading &
Merry Christmas...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

rides w/ BP

I think it's pretty amazing that I get to ride with my dad... I think it's awesome that he's the one that got me into mountain biking in the first place... the fact that I stuck with it for this long is pretty remarkable. It's crazy how many endeavors I've started and abandoned...endeavors/half-assed whims/hobbies/interests my dad wholeheartedly supported... Riding is truly the only thing that has stuck with any kind of real passion & consistency. I just love it. Saturday morning I was fortunate enough to venture out on new-fallen snow and enjoy a truly perfect ride at Fair Hill with my dad. Even though I am no longer afraid to take the lead sometimes, I still don't want to bungle or biff in front of know, cause I'm still his kid. We hit all the good stuff...a bunch of trails we'd been neglecting..."holiday loops," is what my dad called them. It's much fun it was.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Miscommunication is at an all-time high and I am getting pissed...just when I thought it was finally done & settled. Nah. Anyway. My son has an ear infection & pneumonia. When I was his age, I had pnemonia for Christmas...missed a shitload of school. The day I went back, I drew a picture of my family around the Christmas tree & proceeded to puke all over it in front of all my classmates. That picture was badass, too. I still can't even look at Capri Sun after that episode. Traffic sucked last night with the coating of snow we got, but my goodness, was it beautiful out there this morning. I am charging my lights because I really really really really really need to get on my bike. Also, I lost a stalker...this blog hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire. I know. thanks for reading, my eight dear followers. Seriously.

Friday, December 10, 2010


If there is a patch of ice at French Creek, I will find it with my bike... especially at the bottom of the fire tower descent. Especially if I am getting cocky & a little carried away, with BP hot on my heels. We all know what happens when you go down hard at FC... The remainder of the ride is typically spent bobbling/bungling/dabbing/cursing... The rocks become ogres & your feet won't warm up again. It was still an awesome Thursday afternoon ride. Pretty cold, pretty bleak, but it's December. It's fun to ride with my dad again, now that cross is over. Yep, it's December... we are watching, "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" and talking about how much fun it is to dye eggs.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ho ho ho

Making my list: procure a tree (a real tree) bake cookies make peppermint bark (white chocolate) ride in the woods bundle up avoid haircut find a cute NYE dress plan a party wrap some presents make some presents buy stamps

Thursday, December 2, 2010

kinda quiet around here, huh?

November was quite a month.
big stuff, important stuff happened...mostly good.
Now, it's December & I am happy to just catch my breath.