Sunday, December 19, 2010

rides w/ BP

I think it's pretty amazing that I get to ride with my dad... I think it's awesome that he's the one that got me into mountain biking in the first place... the fact that I stuck with it for this long is pretty remarkable. It's crazy how many endeavors I've started and abandoned...endeavors/half-assed whims/hobbies/interests my dad wholeheartedly supported... Riding is truly the only thing that has stuck with any kind of real passion & consistency. I just love it. Saturday morning I was fortunate enough to venture out on new-fallen snow and enjoy a truly perfect ride at Fair Hill with my dad. Even though I am no longer afraid to take the lead sometimes, I still don't want to bungle or biff in front of know, cause I'm still his kid. We hit all the good stuff...a bunch of trails we'd been neglecting..."holiday loops," is what my dad called them. It's much fun it was.

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zenbicyclist said...

I think I speak for a lot of fathers of girls, it is so hard to keep them interested in riding. We stop to pick flowers along the trail and I even found a full XTR 24" wheeled bike that GT only made in 1990. Still no luck. Anyway, very cool post.