Wednesday, January 26, 2011

so it begins

In my dream last night, this is what I brought to the Baker's Dozen: one pair of black Voler knickers (the holey ones that I can't bring myself to throw away) one empty water bottle two helmets what I forgot: a jersey (or 4) gloves shoes nutrition fluids extra clothing a pump tools tubes oh, and my bike whatever, it's not like it's a thirteen hour race or anything. who needs a bike for that ??

Saturday, January 22, 2011

green tea Saturday

I'm not excited about riding the trainer and all the other restrictions imposed on me for at least the next three weeks, but I think I can stop worrying & relax a little... Finally made my way over the the MASS calendar & was astonished at how many races I want to do. This one and this one and this one and this one... Then, I found myself at Bikereg sifting through various XC races near & far... this one and this one and this one and this one. Hmmm. Really?? Then, I remembered that this how it all started anyway. Mountain bike racing... Long before I owned a road bike or even knew what cross was, it was me & my steel Kona seeking out every chance to race race race. Seven years later, the way I ride is finally starting to come together... where did I read that it takes seven years to become really good at something? To achieve some sense of mastery? I'd hardly say that I've mastered anything on two wheels, but I'm no rookie anymore. just sayin...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

would you mind?

please take a minute to click on this link & consider making a small donation to a good cause in honor of Tough Cookie... thanks!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

see ya next week!

got into baker's dozen...yay! (april 9th is a good date, by the way)
thursday I am having the most minor medical procedure, but it's stressing me out, so good thoughts & vibes are greatly appreciated.
week two into healthier eating & more time on the bike has been sidelined by walking pneumonia (of course it was...I mean, come on...).
It doesn't matter...I'm going to keep moving, even if means time on the trainer. At least we have party lights in the garage.
where can you go dance to some good music around here? Friday night had such potential, but man did it take a nosedive in a hurry...
I'm taking a short blog break because it's been pretty boring here at hardtales...
check out some of my favorite links in the meantime, please & have a great week!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sometimes I forget...

sometimes, even nearly 4 years later, I forget that this is a blog & not just my personal little journal or collection of thoughts & pictures. sometimes I forget that anybody can stumble upon this (accidentally or on purpose), including nosy friends I've cut ties with or exes or stalkerish weirdos who think they know you because they read the blog. (I swear I'm not being testy...there have been a few instances of stalkerish weirdos)... anyway. sometimes I forget about the archive feature. the mortifying, cringe-worthy archives. I'm glad they're here...I'm glad I can refer to March of 08 & see what my son was into or read something funny that he said or catch a photo of an otherwise forgotten moment. sometimes, I'm tempted to delete. (but, I don't) I got lazy with my journal & I got lazy about printing photos & I got lazy about the baby book & I got lazy about photo albums... the blog has been a pretty steady outlet & I was kinda surprised to see it began nearly four years ago. I mean, I was afraid to clip in back then. I was married back then. I've grown my super-short hair out twice since then (only to keep chopping it off). I wasn't thirty-five back then. A young man committed suicide two days after Christmas this year in his car in front of our house. Our neighborhood became a crime scene...we watched the entire investigation unfold in front of our house. My son was riveted at the window, watching the emergency personnel & detectives & curious neighbors... It was surreal & sad & shocking & I wasn't quite sure how to handle it with my six year-old, other than with honesty. We never really touched on why he may have taked his own life, but I didn't hide that fact from him. (I'm not saying I handled it the right way, I'm saying I followed my gut & just told him basic facts...plainly, the truth) "I know I should be sad, mom, but, I am just interested." I wrote a post about it, then immediately took it seemed incongruous with my blog. Tonight, driving home from impromptu dinner at Senora's, my son was lamenting about his lousy day. "Well, first, the car was cold when we were waiting for you at your work. And, second, my gumball fell on the floor. TWO of my gumballs fell on the floor & one of them exploded. Three...well, three I'll tell you at home..." Silence in the back seat, followed by a big sigh...he continued, "Sometimes I wish I could just escape my life like that guy in the car, but come back to my life when it's better..." Heavy. sometimes I need to write these things down so I know they really happened...sometimes there are little conversations that I don't want to forget. thanks, Sara, for bringing your blog anniversary to my attention...please keep reading & writing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

skipping the prom

it's snowing! Body aches & scratchy throat won't stop me from sneaking in a little snow ride today... for five solid hours yesterday, I buried myself under a down blanket on the couch...rising only to get my son on the bus & shovel the driveway. A night in with the Goonies, old-school method popcorn, and Super Mario Bros left me feeling slightly less crappy this morning. Good. I'll take it. So, if this minor surgery I am scheduled for in two weeks is no biggie, just "routine", "preventative", how come I can't wait til I have health insurance again to do it?? I don't know about you, but I don't have piles of extra money laying around waiting for a rainy day or expensive medical procedures...just saying. But, I trust my doctor & that's that. Apparently, the roller rink has reopened & my cousin is getting into roller derby. She has 4 children (one is a senior in high school). Now, that's badass... I am skipping the prom this year. Don't feel like navigating 76 & the skinny streets of Manayunk in the snow...I'm a wuss now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Last day of vacation... (oh, come on, I go back for a 2 days this week) Reacquainted myself with the six13 for a chilly road ride with my dad. We opted for hills, but agreed to kinda chill... Great ride. Not thrilled about the holiday indulgences that are all too obvious around the mid-section (made even more apparent crouched over on the road bike). That's okay...reigning in the bad behavior starting yesterday. Already feel a tiny bit better.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ringing in '11

I love NYE...
I love when my friends & family come over & drink good beer & eat ridiculous treats & cram themselves into the kitchen & dance to Michael Jackson...
also, Happy Birthday to the most awesome dad in the whole wide world!