Sunday, February 27, 2011

in moderation

these things are best enjoyed only once in a great while: bottle of Veuve at the favorite BYOB just because Live music at the Brickette Recovery ride on the Chester Valley Trail that's really all I can come up with... it's a been a truly fun weekend. Brickette Lounge included.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

to DE & back

A raccoon emerged from the marshy slop on the side of the road, baring its teeth... I think he said, "F*ck you!" as we pedaled on. Rabies, much? On the way back, the sun was shining and the breeze died down. I sat on Bill's wheel for a while after taking a strong pull on Creek Road. How nice to just ride with somebody without having to say much, trusting you can pedal pedal sketchy moves, no antics. I get that with my dad, too. Wonder how Violet made out in her new digs last night. Oddly quiet around here.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy, Can We Get a Reptile? Today?

Today we say goodbye to Violet.
We packed up all her worldly posessions in a bin (Milkbones, chewies, heartworm pills, toys, etc) and wrote up some brief care instructions.
Just like that.
Back in December, we saw this coming and were pretty broken up about it.
Now, we're ready and hopefully she is, too.
I'm not worried about letting her go...I'm sure she'll fit right in with her new family.
After all, she already knows the Harmony Hill trails.
Quite frankly, I think our kid has moved on and wants to breathe easy again.
(as evidenced by the title of this post)
The hives are getting old.
oh my god...who brings a dog home to kid who is allergic to them??!
(same person who makes their kid sleep on the floor)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the time has come the time has come the time has come today...

February is almost over. In my typical last-minute, queen of procrastinating fashion, it's time to STFU about the crappy weather and crappy headaches and crappy excuses and get on the damn bike... I've got races on my calendar and bikes that need to be ridden and steam I've got to blow off... I've got a few more pounds than I'd like to admit hanging on from winter indulgences like lazy Saturdays (aaaaand Sundays) and fancy beer and fancy chocolate get the idea. I've done this before. So, LCD Soundsystem added 4 more dates in NYC, all of which sold out in ONE HOUR. wtf? the time has come the time has come the time has come today the time has come the time has come the time has come today

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My kid is going through a thing. Thus, I am going through a thing. The thing is wearing on me & I don't know what to do. (yes, this is a "My Kid" post...skip it if you want) For a while, he'd end up in our room, in bed a few times a week... snuggled up on the edge, on my side. He's a worming, squirming sleeper...he's forty plus pounds of worming, squirming sleeping fury. Lately, it's an every night Bedtime goes like this: Bath Tooth brushing Books Chit-chat Sleep (in HIS bed, alone...curled up with his bear) Inevitably, several hours later after we've all gone to sleep, there he is. Sometimes, standing beside me, all bug-eyed & quiet & giving me a total freaking heart attack. Sometimes, sneaky & trying to squeeze his scrawny self into the four inches between me & the edge of the bed. For a while, I let it go... But, I'd wake up groggy or with my back aching. Some nights, I'd march him back to his bed, tuck him in and hope for the best. Which lasted maybe thirty minutes. We are back to every night... I've tried not stressing about it. I've tried rationalizing that he'll get over it on his own, like the binky & the sippy cup & the tears at preschool drop-off & all the other endearing quirks & phases. Lately, our conversation at bedtime goes like this: "What are you going to do if you wake up in the middle of the night?" I ask. "Try to go back to sleep." "What if that doesn't work?" "I'll come into your room." "And?" "Get in my sleeping bag." That's the best solution I've come up with for now. He's not allowed to disrupt the whole family & must sleep in his sleeping bag. It's all set up, ready to go. On the floor beside my bed. I'm making my kid sleep on the floor.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

it's here, enjoy it

Yes, I realize it is February & there is a very good possibility we could experience yet another snow storm.
The past few days have been gorgeous...warm days are here.
Enjoy them.
I wore shorts and socks that were NOT MADE OF WOOL on my ride.
We went to the zoo.
We didn't wear jackets.
The sun came out in full force and the sound of water and melting snow rushing down the storm drains on our street is unmistakable.
Spring is hardly here and I'll be bundling up a bit for a ride in the morning, but, damn...this is nice.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last night I received a most thoughtful & unexpected Christmas present...
(in February...even better!)
New (new-ish) friends that seem like old friends are a blessing, indeed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Finding myself unexpectedly kid-free tonight, I passed on an opportunity to ride and an opportunity to go see my brother play (reggae night)... what the?? So, what have I done instead? I took our dog for a long, meandering walk... The long walk tired her out enough for me to completely focus on dinner (solo, just me) and clean the house. I am also going to take a hot bath and finish my book... This, for some reason, makes me happier than riding or hearing live reggae. (for tonight, at least...) I don't get it.

Monday, February 14, 2011


kinda wish I hadn't watched the Grammys for roughly 7 minutes last night... between Katy Perry singing from a giant suspended diaper & Cee Lo's "jolly" duet with Gwyneth, I had some pretty wacky dreams. "Just because you're married to Chris Martin doesn't mean you get to sing at the Grammys." "Um...Yeah, actually, it does."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

le freak

in my post-narcotic fog, I can only come up with a list, rather than a thoughtful post, about the weekend... Good Things That Have Happened Since Friday:
  • the headache began to wane
  • stopped taking Percocet (which didn't help much anyway, just made me feel super-goofy)
  • drew like crazy...could not put the pencils and pens down
  • enjoyed Green Flash Le Freak on tap (you guys, I love Green Flash)
  • ate a ridiculously perfect meal with my Valentine at Nectar (you guys, I love Nectar)
  • spread roasted garlic on a baguette with some fresh thyme & pecorino...what a treat
  • rode my bike OUTSIDE with my dad & Bill for two was cold & windy, but the sun poked through and I didn't feel as slow as I thought I would (for February & not riding for three weeks straight, except for the trainer)
  • spent some time on the trainer Friday afternoon, mainly to sweat out the toxins & the remainder of the week-long headache (it was okay, don't feel sorry for me, because I was listening to really good music)
  • had pleasant dreams & good sleep two nights in a row
  • Perhaps most importantly, we found a good home/family for Violet...I could not be happier about who will end up with her in a few weeks...

On the downside, it's impossible to get tickets for LCD Soundsytem at MSG.

Which means maybe I should consider the Marysville Relay after all...

Thursday, February 10, 2011


The feedback I've received about migraines has been helpful...Thanks for your insight & suggestions. All the drugs and lack of sleep for three nights have left me feeling pretty shitty, but I have some pretty awesome people on my side...I am definitely not hurting for somebody to take care of me, which is amazing. After a follow-up with my family doc, I feel like I am armed & better prepared to deal with this nightmare should it ever happen again. Phew. Moving on. A while ago, I swore off facebook only to be lured back within a matter of weeks... I'm trying again until at least springtime. Turns out I find myself thinking in terms of status updates...frankly, it's gross & it weirds me out. Do I really need to check in more times than I care to admit during any given day? Am I going to miss something really important or terribly interesting? Maybe, but probably not. Plus, I find myself wanting to spend more time drawing & making things lately... Usually, this occurs in little's all I want to do & all I can think about, but it doesn't last long. So, when the urge strikes, I need to grab it wholeheartedly. The less distractions, the better. (and face it, FB is nothing but one huge timesuck & distraction)... And. Looks like I will be on a bike outside this weekend. Finally. Three weeks have passed & the forecast looks promising. I am officially allowed to ride again & I need to play outside. Desperately. I wish we had the means to do something over the top this weekend. It's the part of winter when all I want is a change of scenery, a quick escape, an adventure... I'm sure we can figure something out even if it's close to home & on the cheap. again, thanks for the responses & guys rock.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what do you do?

Twice, I've been leveled by a headache that has sent me (reluctantly) to the ER. Maybe it's a migraine, but with only two occurrences quite like this, it's hard to know. I'm not a wuss...I can tolerate pain most of the time on my own. This was different & kinda scary. 30+ hours of scary. Nothing, not even child birth, has brought me to my knees quite like this. Have you experienced a migraine? What do you do to cope?

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Waking up to the sound of freezing rain really had me longing to stay in bed with Steve Martin's latest novel...(exciting, right?)
Instead, I showered & made real oatmeal.
I stenciled a badass dragon tee-shirt for my son for Valentine's Day.
I watched my boyfriend build a bike.
I made tea & sorted some laundry.
Soon, I'm meeting my mom & some aunts for lunch.
I'll probably wear a skirt.
Maybe I'll have a glass of wine.
I also looked at some pictures from sunny days...
don't be so down...
March is up next & that means some warmer, sunny days.
please note: I added some links to "I Like It"...these are blogs that I generally check in on regularly (except for Lindsey, who never updates anymore because I guess she has a life, unlike me)...Dennis & Anthony get more traffic during race season...Some blogs are people I know through racing & riding (the cycling community, if you will), some are friends, some are just blogs I've stumbled upon & simply like (and have nothing to do with cycling whatsoever).
Maybe you'll like something, too.

Friday, February 4, 2011


As a parent, I've definitely made my fair share of mistakes...
I've been doing this for six+ years now, so one would think I'm getting the hang of it.
Most of the time, yes.
Sometimes, however, I get it wrong.
I got it wrong in a big way when I agreed to surprise the kid with a puppy back in the fall.
My son is allergic to dogs...
It's confirmed year after year that he is still allergic to dogs. and cats. and peanuts. and tree nuts.
Jesus. The list goes on...
I rationalized getting a puppy with thoughts like this:
The dog at the babysitter doesn't even affect him...he's totally used to it.
My parents have a dog...he's fine with their dog.
My (ex)in-laws have a dog (wait....ex-laws, I guess, right?)...
He'll outgrow it.
We'll be proactive about vacuuming & keeping the dog away from sleeping areas.
We'll get a breed that is less allergenic (honestly, no such thing...and the allergist TOLD me this).
He should grow up with a dog.
He needs a pet (we didn't do so well with the gecko. or the hermit crabs. or the fish...the aquatic tiny frogs, however, did last a few years surprisingly!)
Sadly, it is so not working out.
Since the dog has become a part of our family, we have had so much fun adventuring and playing and wearing each other out...she elicits the most ridiculously high-pitched squeals of laughter & delight from my kid.
It breaks my heart.
You see, my son has been plagued with pneumonia and bouts of bronchitis and respiratory distress in the past few months that I can't help but attribute to our new(ish) addition. Not that the allergy is the cause of his illness, but it certainly can't help matters if his body is already fighting it.
What the hell were we thinking??
Anytime they play, he inevitably breaks out in a mess of hives, followed by more coughing and complaints of being itchy.
My mom suggested we wait and see what happens in the spring, when the house is opened up & everyone is spending more time outdoors.
I don't want to be hasty in giving up on the dog, but I also don't want to compound my son's health issues...
Allergies suck.
I know the dog is not going to send my son into anaphylactic shock the way peanuts do, but what if it becomes more problematic later? What if he develops asthma?
the answer is pretty clear and it sucks.
We'll look for a good home for our dog.
Way to go, mom.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

no title

I was tired of the way this blog looked, so I made a few small changes... the background picture of me & BP is from a springtime ride at Middle Run. My boyfriend snapped it with his phone all sneaky-like. Winter blues are being attacked with cleaning products today. Early spring cleaning. I hate the way every surface around the house suddenly looks dusty & grim. I hate the way the bikes are sadly leaned up against the dining room table, trainers stashed in the corner. I hate the way the dog just pees on the back porch lately, as the backyard is now a mass of chunky, deep ice. So, I'm fixing it today (except for the backyard tundra...can't do much about that). This evening, we need to map out a season on the calendar...races & road trips. That will be fun. And Sara is coming to PA for a week...yay!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

please melt please melt please melt...

One more week until I am allowed to ride my mountain bike again...maybe the snow will be gone, right? A lot can happen in one week. The drive to work this morning is going to be extra fun.