Saturday, April 30, 2011

excuse me, Mr. DJ

Excuse me, Mr. DJ,
would you mind bringing it back maybe 10 or so years?
We sure would appreciate it if you play some Michael Jackson...
thank you kindly and have a lovely night.
Your friends,
Kim & Kathleen
xoxo (I think...I may have imagined the x's and o's)

Friday, April 29, 2011


While my son slept soundly upstairs, I held his baby tooth in my hand (a biggie...the second upper front tooth finally fell out after dangling perilously from one tiny, helpless root for the past week).
It's just a tooth.
In the palm of my hand, so tiny, I felt inexplicably sentimental and a little bit sad.
He's lost six teeth now.
This means he's a "big kid"...we're in the home stretch of kindergarten, already counting the weeks til glorious summer vacation.
June-like weather earlier this week brought the realization that shorts from last summer, size 5T,  are too small for him.
He has big ideas and interesting stories and funny anecdotes and beautiful manners.
He was the "big kid" at an Easter gathering, teaching the other four children to play "What Time Is It Mr.Fox?" From the other room, I heard him patiently explaining the rules and doling out directions.
Like a big kid. 
I can't get over it.
Six is a pretty incredible time. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm skipping Granogue.
I am nervous about racing again.
I am surprised I've been riding for seven+ years.
I am bummed that I missed three mountain bike seasons.
I am determined to give it a go this actually "race a full season."
I am surprised that the last admission is even in my vocabulary ("race a full season"), considering I used to turn around and face the wall when it was my turn to serve the volleyball in gym class.
I am probably not going to ride the Kona any time soon, even though it has been brought lovingly back to life.
I seldom return phone calls.
I wore a primal jersey to my first ever mountain bike race (which was Granogue 2003).
I am racing in North Jersey this weekend (there, I've said it).
I am racing Sport to start (we'll see what happens).
I am a better rider than racer...I am hoping to bridge that gap a little bit over the next 3 or 4 months.
I will probably not race much (if any) cross in 2011.
I want to get married.
I would like to frivolously spend my tax refund on a vacation with my family somewhere warm with clear blue water and sand, but will likely save it for something practical.
I hate my teeth.
I struggle to change a flat tire.
I am proud of my son's good manners.
I like to iron.

there's more...

as always, thank you for reading!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a day that starts with an overflowing basket of candy

sure loves his grampy

easter detritus

hunting for eggs

my mom hooked me up with all my Euro faves

Easter was great.
Non-stop sunshine, hanging out on the deck, too much candy, good food...
Spring is here for real.
Why has the blog been so quiet?
Oh, been real busy slaying all the stinkbugs that our taking over the world our home.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

the dark side

This is a post about a bike ride.
That's how this blog started, after all...

2 Friday night beers at Earth Bread & Brew left this 36 year-old hung over and groggy this morning.
That's what weekends are for.
Weekends are also for riding my bike.
Weekends lately are for raining and raining and raining.

By noon, I couldn't stand it anymore.
The only thing that would rouse me from this awful funk was to get outside and play.
I summoned my co-conspirator, Bill, and we were on the road in a matter of minutes, headed towards the dark side.

Upon parking at Shed road, we quickly found ourselves on good old Red & White.
Trust me, no trails were harmed in this outing.
Our ride was wet and not especially fact, our ride was perfect and exactly what I needed to come back to life.
Swiftly descending toward Miller's Point, a spooky fog swallowed up the woods...there was nothing to think about or worry about or narrate in my head.
It was just us, winding our way down down down into the thicker forest, occasionally splashing through sloshy puddles.
And then it was just us, climbing our way back up up up and out of the woods, finally catching a glimpse of the clearing sky.
Might as well enjoy the weather, might as well play outside.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

pinch me

2 days in a row of perfect riding and we haven't even hit the weekend...
Yesterday, Cati & I scrambled to get together on the road and, helloooo Spring Fever! Even at 6pm, folks were out in droves enjoying the amazing weather.
Roadies were smiling and waving to us.
Seriously. It was that kind of day.
Sunshine, short sleeves, warm breeze.

Today, my dad & I scrambled to get together on the trails and, helloooo Spring Fever again!
French Creek was awesome, as always...conditions were far better than I expected, considering all the freaking rain we've had lately.

For now, a chill afternoon with my sniffly son...maybe some Phineas & Ferb mac-n-cheese for lunch?
Enticing, huh?


Monday, April 18, 2011

bounty bar

Came home from an uneventful day at work in an inexplicable funk.
Luckily, my BF had a bounty bar on hand to save the day.
I am such a fool for coconut.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

our weekend

  • Friday afternoon: shopping and lunch with my mom & kid. Spent my birthday cash on frivolous items such as gold herringbone Toms, cds (Warpaint & the Naked and Famous), cute spring clothes, and an adorable notecard set fashioned out of paper dolls. Such a sucker for paper goods and handwritten notes.
  • Friday: early evening ride at HH with my man.
  • Friday Night: dinner that was supposed to be followed by drinks, but our friends did what I normally do (bail because I'm lame beat)...for the record, dinner was weird. We ate somewhere different and discovered we are restaurant snobs (add it to the list).  The company of friends would have made the weird dinner worthwhile, but our friends were lame tired. (guilt trip over)
  • Saturday morning:  breakfast from Country Bagel (a routine that has wended its way into our lives courtesy of Bill)
  • Saturday:  birthday party for Bill's nephew at Chuck E. Cheese. Dropped Bill & son off at the festivities and hurried over to Wegman's for a rare solo grocery jaunt. Promptly received this text from my beloved: "Party's tomorrow." Oops. Imagine Chuck E. Cheese on the rainiest of Saturdays in April. Did I mention this was Bill's first foray into the world of Chuck E? Where a kid can be a kiiiid? Man, he must really love me.
  • Saturday night we neglected the coals in the pouring rain  grilled. Somehow we pulled together a pretty incredible pre-race dinner accompanied by a shared bottle of  Saison Dupont. By the end of our carbtastic meal, however, it was pretty clear we would not be waking up early to spend six hours in the car to race Danville in the mud (again). Bedtime for my son was met with no protest at all and he crashed blissfully by 8:30pm. My kid is awesome and every day I marvel at how lucky I am. For realz.
  • More Saturday Night: our evening ended with a movie (Due Date) and mediocre popcorn. We make popcorn on the stove, old-school style, in a pot with some oil. We have the popcorn thing totally dialed in by now, but Wegman's was out of our special kind of popcorn. Freaking popcorn snobs, too. 
  •  Sunday: while the boys were at Chuck E Cheese for round 2 (god help them), I rode with BP. We tackled a nice hill loop together, perfectly paced. After the muddy and cold Baker's Dozen last weekend, I felt like I was flying on my road bike. Fly-ing. It was awesome and I think I even heard my dad mutter something about me sticking to his wheel better than those club guys he rode with yesterday. Damn right, BP. I'm trying.
  • Sunday night: is about to begin. Dinner with my family, two doors down, and hopefully early to bed. I'm beat and so very happy. 
the above pics are from the Ashland Nature Preserve (near Hockessin, DE) amazing place to explore with (or without) an energetic 6 year-old. We visited there a few weeks ago and I never got around to posting all of the photos. We live near so many beautiful places! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

friday ride at HH

My favorite way to start the weekend is a few quick laps around HH with Bill.
Last night was our first time back on the trails since the baker's dozen...we agreed to go easy and "just have fun."
Perfect conditions and excellent weather made it hard to hold back, though.
As we rounded the last corner back to the lot, there was Ted, firing up his grill.
Not a portable Coleman grill or something silly like that, no.
A full-size, no-joke Weber.
I say it every time, but I love those trails. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

yard work

This post has nothing to do with yard work...well, maybe it does now.
I came across this photo & wondered what happened to that t-shirt. I love that shirt. Not necessarily the peace sign motif, but it was that super-soft cotton and the perfect fit. Plus, I am a sucker for charcoal gray. I love that shirt.
I hate yard work.
I only do it wholeheartedly twice a year.

This post started out as a more involved recap of my experience at the baker's dozen this year (until I stumbled across that gem of a pic as I was searching for something else)...
I scrapped that after 3 paragraphs...delete.
What more do you need to know about my race?
That I was completely beside myself about throwing in the towel at 7pm?
That I was so wrecked on my last lap that Radiohead's "Creep" was on a loop in my head?
I mean, really, does it get more pitiful than that? "I don't belong here...I don't belong here..."

Yeah, we'll just leave it the original post about cold. muddy. greasy. hard blah blah blah.
(you're welcome)

Then, I started a post drawing comparisons between the two bikes I used at the Baker's was fun to ride them back to back on the same course.
That lasted only one paragraph...rigid ti blah blah blah V brakes blah blah blah vs. the salsa 1x9 blah blah blah...
(you're welcome)
Oh, there was a blurb about my itty-bitty 26 inch wheels and my desire to build a geared 29er (go ahead and comment...please feel free to extol the virtues of your 29ers).

Anyway...somehow the post wound its way back to yard work somehow.
It's that time of year anyway.
We need to get the backyard in shape for post-race/ride bbqs and weeknight dining al fresco.
I love sitting on the back porch, lingering long after dinner has ended...


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lunch break

bill's spooky shot of the pines

I have six minutes before I get back in my car and return to work.
Following an action-packed weekend away from home, I find myself in an unrested funk complete with trashed legs and distracted thoughts.
Not surprised to feel this way, just wish I could shake it off.
Another day of sunshine would have helped, but I will settle for an enormous cup of green tea and early bedtime tonight.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

baker's dozen 2011 (duo)...sparing the nitty gritty


I pulled the plug after 45+ miles...not my favorite decision that I've ever made, that's for sure.
Experience has taught me that a 3 person team is where it's at.

Next year.

Friday, April 8, 2011

trying to be a bike racer again

We'll leave this room just as we found it....promise.
Pre-ride was a little bit muddy.
And ridiculously fun.
I can't wait to race my bike in the morning.
Tomorrow marks one year since our first bike ride together date.
What better way to acknowledge what an amazing year it has been?
Wish us luck!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

head badge

Look what my boyfriend made for me...
I love love love surprises and he is full of them.
Happy Birthday, indeed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


tomorrow is my birthday...
I love birthdays.
This is a shameless plug for my 36th birthday.
April 6, 1975...bitches!

I. Love. Birthdays.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

 me & my son


We played in the woods and wore ourselves out today. Spring might really be here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

perfect Saturday

Pizza & Golden Monkeys. Lunch & mall with my mom. Lucky penny. Most awesome boyfriend in the whole world. Seriously. Supplies for Baker's Dozen (1 week away!) Bookstore. Bottle cage on my litespeed. Early birthday present from my son (Hello Kitty journal with an inscription written lovingly in aquamarine crayon, "Mom, Kim"). Good unsolicited advice. Bubble bath. Nap. (not necessarily in that order)

late night (early morning)

this poor thing is about to fall apart...
Seriously, what is the deal? Insomnia in April, what gives? Oh...wait, I get it. Is it because it still feels like winter? Feels like I should be in the throes of some serious seasonal affective disorder... Except for the not sleeping part, everything is fine. Better than fine. 3:40am, watching Jimmy Fallon. Billy Crudup and Martha Plimpton. Anybody who was in Goonies is pretty interesting in my book. Except now she is singing "Me & Julio Down By the School Yard." ugh. Effing insomnia. We have something like 400 channels and nothing good is ever on. The amount of cooking shows I watch is embarrassing. Yesterday, as the morning snow melted, I begrudgingly got on the trainer. It's just that I am positively sick of bundling up. I am so not hardcore anymore. A little drizzle and chill in the air would not have stopped me before... These days? I feel like a fairweather rider. Skinny tires + drizzle + cold + gray skies + nobody around to ride with/share misery with= nope. The trainer came back out. 90 minutes & Black Swan later, suddenly had a pretty decent workout. Have you seen Black Swan? I know, I know...I'm a bit behind. Jesus, Darren Aronofsky...what a beautifully creepy, campy freakshow.
When Bill got home, he was like, "Thought we were done with the trainers."
No sh*t. Me, too.
That was my snowy/rainy day. Not bad. Can't say I am sad about missing the relay this year, either. I suck at logs when they're dry. (okay, maybe I don't suck anymore...but, still...) wow, would I like to sleep...
Edit: when I published this post, it looked completely different than when I drafted it a few minutes's all jumbled & a giant run-on. Ugh. So annoying. Only fitting, though, as it is 4 in the morning.
So, I decided to just leave it this way.
thanks for reading!

Friday, April 1, 2011

a little carried away

One thing for sure...
we know how to have fun.
Just your average Thursday night light saber battle before bath time.
No biggie.