Wednesday, May 4, 2011

anxiously waiting

My son should be home soon.
Since the accident, I freak out a tiny bit inside when I am waiting for him to come home.
Especially on a Wednesday night like this, approaching 8pm, waiting waiting waiting.
I'm anxious as it is...the sharp and surreal visual of my first-born covered in glass and blood hardly helps.
Accidents happen, life goes on...anxiety sucks.

Speaking of anxiety...
French Creek (On the Rocks, as it were) is fast approaching.
Pre-reg closes at 10pm.
I know I'll be there.
French Creek is my favorite place to ride and one of my least favorite places to race.
I want to have a great race there.

Bill is at the Phillies game.
He has changed my year later and I am so smitten, it's ridiculous.
Ridiculous, guys.  

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