Tuesday, May 24, 2011

chapter books

The days are just flying these past few weeks...
filled with everything but bike rides.
Impromptu picnics, good books, work, laundry, great dinners prepared side by side, playing outside, waking up early to run, work, laundry, work, laundry, drawing pictures, writing notes, avoiding my bike, work...

My son and I started reading the first Harry Potter installment a little over a month ago...not quite an entire chapter a night, but damn close.  
Sunday night we finished The Sorcerer's Stone and he was so freaking elated.
"I can't believe we finished my first ACTUAL big kid chapter book without hardly ANY pictures, MOM!"
Harry Potter certainly wasn't my first choice, but the story kind of grew on me.
Soon, my son will be reading books completely on his own.
This is one part of being a mom that I am pretty excited about...I'm excited about getting it right, about helping him fall in love with stories.
I can't imagine having grown up without them.

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